Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler Review: The Silent Powerhouse

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler


Wine is an elusive and highly desirable entity which requires proper resources to store and make the best use of. While a simple refrigerator can be considered, there are select wine coolers which are capable of maintaining optimal temperatures for keeping the items in the best possible physical state. The Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler is one such product which achieves perfection and that too at a pretty nominal price point. Most importantly, there are quite a lot of additional perks which come with this wine cooler, including adjustable temperature range, silent operational process, and more.

Why Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler Review is even necessary?

The most important thing about this review is that it would help individuals make certain choices regarding the purchase of relevant wine coolers. The Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler review would be based on quite a few aspects against which the product shall be evaluated. Most importantly, a review like this will help people get the most out of their financial resources, precisely by investing in the best product based on their preferences. 


The Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler comes equipped with an 18-bottle capacity, segregated into two separate storage zones. While the top zone store 8 bottles, the bottom one holds at least 10 bottles. However, for smaller cans, the storage space is way more than just 18.

Storage Conditions

The best thing about this wine cooler is that the entire storage module is ETL approved and comes equipped with a stainless trim, smoked glass panel, and a thermo-pane door. The freestanding unit is quite ergonomic and can be placed aesthetically in any household.


The Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler is capable of maintaining a decent ambient temperature of 77 degree Fahrenheit. However, unlike other wine coolers, the Wine Enthusiast comes equipped with dual storage zones, with the top shelf capable of maintaining a temperature of 54-66 degree Fahrenheit and the lower zone maintaining a limit of 46-66 degree Fahrenheit. Most importantly, the temperature changes and variations can be viewed courtesy of the digital touchscreen.

Operational Noise, if any

This slim-line wine cooler is the probably the only product in the market that produces zero processing or operational noise. Most importantly, this company has been around for long and for reasons like this, individuals also tag the same as a silent powerhouse.


At present, this refrigerator or rather wine cooler is retailing at 200 dollars. While the price point is quite affordable, as compared to the feature sets on offer, the color options are slightly restricted with back wine cooler being the only product available in the market. 

Other Utilities

Unlike other products, this dual zone fridge offers optimum temperature levels, regardless of the type of liquid to be stored. Most importantly, this is a thermoelectric module which is extremely energy-efficient as well. Moreover, the CFC free module is powered by a silent cooling technology which is a win-win at the existing price point. Apart from that, the shelf distribution is such that even Bordeaux bottles can be stored with considerable ease. Last but not least, this product is also known for the existing chrome shelves and even flexible storage options. 

Are other Variants from the Same Company also available?

At present, only this version of the Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler is retailing at the mentioned price point. This dual storage product is nothing less than a steal for the given price and gives ample options for the existing wine connoisseurs. 


The Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler review readily reveals that this product is the best in business, precisely for the silent operational technology, dual storage and temperature units, and the exterior digital interface.

Wine Enthusiast Cooler

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • Experienced manufacturer and therefore product quality is always top-notch
  • Dual zone design for perfecting storage conditions further
  • Seven exquisite chrome shelves
  • Freestanding entity with 18 bottle capacity
  • External display available
  • Smoked glass and thermo-pane door for exceptional aesthetics


  • Price might be on the higher side as compared to other models available online
  • Temperature spikes encountered during the odd hours

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