Whynter 28 Bottle WC28S SNO Wine Cooler Review

There was a time when a wine cooler was considered to be a luxury but today, this has changed. It has become a necessity to protect the expensive wines from going bad. With time, the size of the wine coolers have also reduced drastically and today, the wine coolers are very compact. There had been a significant impact on the price of the wine cooler as well and there had been a reduction in the process of the wine cooler as well.

whynter wine cooler

There is a unique technology which is used in the wine coolers of the new generation. This is called a thermo-electric cooler. These types of cooler do not come with a compressor but they have a different mechanism for cooling. Because of this technology, there is a reduction in noise as well as vibration which is really required to keep the wine safe in the wine cooler.

If you are really fond of wines and if you like to keep a large variety of wine at your home then we would really recommend you to opt for a wine cooler with large storage. You can find wine coolers with a capacity of 12 wine bottles to more than 30 wine bottles but the ideal one would be a one which can hold over 21 bottles. If you are confused about which wine cooler to purchase then you can go ahead and purchase Whynter 28 Bottle WC 28S SNO Wine Cooler. Here is a detailed review of the wine cooler to give you all the information about Whynter 28 Bottle Wine Cooler.

Whynter 28 Bottle WC28S SNO Wine Cooler Reviews

The best part about this wine cooler is that it is very spacious. The wine cooler is capable of holding 28 bottles at once and it can also hold many champagne bottles easily if you remove some of the shelves. As per the information available, this is a thermos electric wine cooler which is virtually noiseless. The fact that thermos electric cooler doesn’t causes vibration is also beneficial for the wines as it avoids sedentary deposits in the wine bottle.

Let us now check out more details about the design Whynter 28 Bottle WC 28S SNO Wine Cooler


whynter wine cooler

Design is one of the most important aspects of the wine cooler because most of the people usually install the wine cooler in the mini bar or in the dining hall where it is visible to most of the guests. In such a case, a bulky wine cooler with raw looks fails to impress people. The cabinet of this wine cooler is made of metal and it is silver in color. A lot of people also compare it to platinum.

Talking about the door, it is made of plastic to offer good insulation and it is also one of the reasons why it might not look attractive to you. The fact is that there are some compromises on the design when you compare it with some of the best wine coolers in the market but this is more of an initiative to reduce the cost of the wine cooler.

We can say that the wine cooler looks a lot cleaner because of the simple design that is incorporated in here and you also get soft interior lights with this cooler. There is a control unit placed on top of the door in the center which is black in color. The unit has buttons to control the temperature and to turn on the light as well. Apart from this, there is a display which would tell you about the temperature of the wine cooler.

Talking more about the design, it is known that the door incorporates a double paned glass design. The advantage of this double panned glass is that it provides insulation and at the same time it also protects the wine from the UV light which can spoil the wine as well. Lastly, the door also gets a handle which can help you in opening the door easily.


The wine cooler comes with a simple design which incorporates the use of thermos electric cooler. The advantage of this type of technology is that the noise from the compressor along with the vibration from the compressor is eliminated.

whynter wine cooler

There are 6 racks of the wine cooler. In total, the wine cooler can accommodate a total of 28 wine bottles. This makes the wine cooler very spacious.

There is a display on the door which would help you in adjusting the temperature of the wine cooler. This temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit and this can be adjusted using the buttons on the door. Since this wine cooler features only a single zone cooling, the temperature stays consistent in all parts of the cooler.

There is a soft light inside the wine cooler which ensures that you do not damage your wine and at the same time, the soft light helps you in identifying the wine kept inside.

The wine cooler is very eco-friendly and it doesn’t use CFC gases which can actually cause damage to the ozone layer. This is another reason why to choose this wine cooler over other compressor based coolers.

The temperature range for this wine cooler can vary between 52 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you can get wine cooler between a blue and the red zones.


whynter wine cooler review

One feature that most of the wine cooler lacks is the presence of the lock in the wine cooler. You get a cylinder lock in this design and it comes with 2 keys. This lock can help you in keeping the children away from the wine.


Talking about the size of the wine cooler, it is 21 inches long, 18.1 inches wide and it is 29 inches high. This is certainly not a very compact wine cooler and the reason is mainly the capacity of the wine cooler. The weight of the wine cooler is 49.5 pounds.


If you are looking for an affordable wine cooler which can accommodate a large number of bottles then this is going to be a perfect choice. You do not have to worry about the quality of the wine cooler because it is long lasting and you would not face any issues at all. In addition to this, the wine coolers have a simple design as well. The large capacity makes it a perfect choice and the brand also offers a warranty of 1 year which is certainly desirable when you are spending money on any product.

Whynter 28 Bottle WC28S SNO Wine Cooler

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Energy Saving





  • Thermo Electric Cooler which is noiseless
  • Very spacious which can accommodate 28 bottles of wine
  • Comes with 6 removable racks which can help in accommodating large bottles as well.
  • Comes with a cylinder based lock which can also help in securing the wine bottles and keeping them away from children.
  • Very affordable when compared to other models available in the market.
  • The product comes with 1-year warranty cover.


  • Because of the capacity, the cooler looks very cramped
  • Design can be improved and it is not one of the best looking cooler in the market.

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