Westinghouse WWT080MB Wine Cooler Review

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just someone itching to try out his first bottle of wine, there are a few things that you need to know. Wine comes in all shapes and sizes, from rose red, dark red, medium red, white, rose, and then, there’s the dry white. This is without taking into account the various desert wines as well. And if you are hooked onto wines after the first few tastes, then you need to know that it is better to purchase a few bottles to enjoy the same, occasionally. But more often than not, most people lack a cellar to store the wines properly; in which case you can head out and check out the Westinghouse wine cooler among others. The Westinghouse wine cooler comes with some fantastic features, which make it a worthwhile buy. You may want to consider your purchase as an investment, for that is what it is, in more ways than one. Check put some of the main features of this wine cooler,

Westinghouse WWT080MB Review:

westinghouse cooler review

Here are some of the main features of the Westinghouse wine cooler,

  • Design:

The Westinghouse wine cooler is a freestanding product and one that is perfect for storing both the reds and whites, at the same temperature. The wine cooler comes with a sleek and stylish appearance so much so that it can also be used as a counter top. It also comes with tinted glasses, which serve to protect its contents from UV radiation. What’s more, this wine cooler also comes with soft interior lighting that makes it easy for you to view the contents of the wine cooler without having to open the door each time to do so. It also comes with recessed door handle as well as the almost invisible door hinge which gives it the sleek appearance. What makes this sleek design  all the more appealing is that the front of the wine cooler is covered by tinted glasses, that allow you to see on the inside of the cooler, without having to open it. Additionally, the glass door looks nearly frameless, and in the process, provides your cooler with an even sleeker appearance.

  • Functionality:

The Westinghouse cooler comes with the required installation which enables it to maintain the humidity levels in the cooler. This ensures that the wine corks do not dry out and additionally the cooler also maintains an air tight lock so as to maintain temperature (in the right setting) and to prevent odors from infiltrating the interior of the cooler. It goes without saying that you need to store your wine bottles in an odorless setting and the wine cooler is one such place. Additionally, this cooler unlike most others, provides a temperature that ranges from 46 to 66 degree Fahrenheit, which makes it perfect for storing both red and white wines. It also comes with easy on and offloading option so you should be able to store your bottles in this cooler with ease. Incidentally, it also comes with 4 shelves which you can use to store 2 bottles per shelf, which works out to 8 bottles in all. What makes this cooler interesting is that you can customize it by using the small dial on the inside to set your own temperature. On the whole, this wine cooler is not just functional, but also quite efficient.

  • Power:

The Westinghouse wine cooler is powered by thermo electric current where it basically uses electricity to maintain its current temperature. And no, it does not come with a compressor. And as a thermo electric device, it makes extremely little noise and vibration, so you need not be worried about any noise pollution on account of your wine cooler.

  • Noise pollution:

As mentioned earlier, this product comes with nearly zero noise pollution and does not cause any vibrations either. You can safely store it in any part of your residence and not have to worry about unusual noises as a result of this cooler. But do keep in mind to store your wine cooler away from direct sunlight.

  • Temperature:

The Westinghouse wine cooler comes with a temperature range of 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use this cooler to store all wines safely. But do remember that it is generally not advisable to store already opened wines in your wine cooler. Instead you can store the open bottle of wine in your fridge as a temporary measure, but you would have to consume the same soon, or it would go bad.

  • Serving:

While you can use your Westinghouse cooler to store wines, white and red in the same cooler, thanks to the efficient temperature setting that it comes with. It should be pointed out that when it comes to serving, wine should be served at different temperatures, depending on whether it is red or white. For example, if you plan on serving red wine to your guest, you need to remove the bottle from the cooler, allow it to return to room temperature and then serve them the same. As for the white wine, you can go ahead and serve the same, chilled.

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This is one of the best wine coolers in the market; it comes with an efficient design and functionality.  Above all, it also comes priced at an attractive price range as well. You may also want to check out other wine coolers but you would be hard put to find one that is as efficient as this one or for that matter, one where you can store both your white and red wines safely. On the whole, this wine cooler is indeed perfect, which is why you may want to purchase the same. Do remember that when it comes to fine wines, the temperature that you serve the wine at is extremely important.

Thermal Electric 8 Bottle Wine Cellar with Mechanical Adjustable Thermostat Black, Commercial Cool CCWT080MB

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • 8 bottle capacity, perfect for red or white wines Bullet feature 2 (optional) : Bullet feature 3 (optional) : Bullet feature 4 (optional) : Bullet feature 5 (optional)
  • Temperature range: 46 - 66 degrees Fahrenheit with ultra quiet thermal electric cooling: 38 dBA
  • Grey tinted see-thru glass door and interior light for easy viewing
  • Hidden door hinge and recessed door handle for enhanced appearance. Features: mechanical adjustable thermostat control and 4 chrome wire storage shelves
  • Ideal for Counter Top Use


  • No Cons

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