Phiestina Wine Cooler Review: Sleek, Efficient, and Powerful

When it comes to selecting between high-end wine coolers and the possible mid-rangers, there are quite a few aspects that need to be evaluated, beforehand. Firstly, it is the storage space that matters while selecting wine coolers as the more premium ones offer dual storage facilities with optimal variations in temperature. In addition to that, people usually opt for models with compressor cooling, free-standing installation, and even lower noise and this is where the Phiestina Wine Cooler comes into play.

Why Phiestina Wine Cooler review is even necessary?

Unlike of the more affordable wine coolers in the market, the one from Phiestina features a host of advanced cooling and compressor technologies for keeping induced heating and sound to a minimum. Therefore, the Phiestina Wine Cooler review is a necessary tool that would allow individuals to make prudent choices and purchase the best gadget for the job.

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In simpler words, the Phiestina Wine Cooler is capable of holding 20 bottles at a time or even up to 63 standard-sized cans. While individuals prefer using the same for storing wins, there are quite a lot of possibilities associated with this powerful cooler. The best thing about this device is that it is capable of storing cocktails, drinks, juice, wines, and even lemonades, depending on preferences. 

Storage Conditions

The best thing about the Phiestina Wine Cooler is that it features a front vent featuring the kick plate, precisely for restricting the heat from escaping. Moreover, the kick plate also adds to the beauty of this device. In addition to that, there are 13 removable shelves which make it easier for individuals to store wine and other essentials.


Here is a dual-zone device that is capable of holding around 20 bottles or even 63 cans at once. However, the partitioning is done as the left zone and as the right zone and the temperature sensitivity for each varies and can be controlled manually. For the left zone which is primarily meant for wines, the temperature range is 40 to 66 degree Fahrenheit whereas for the right or the beverage zone, it is around 38 to 50 degree Fahrenheit. 

Operational Noise, if any

The combination of air duct and high-end compressor system makes sure that this efficient wine cooler from Phiestina operates without making any noise. The best thing about this device is that air circulation is initiated in noise free manner which makes sure that it complements the home décor, almost perfectly. 


When it comes to purchasing premium wine coolers, the one from Phiestina is certainly one of the more preferred options. At present, this gadget is priced at 880 dollars and available in black and stainless steel colors.  

Other Utilities

In addition to the noise free mechanism, elegant design, and dual-zone cooling support, this wine cooler also makes room for a sleek and tall interface. While the door frame is made up of stainless steel, the existing handles are ergonomically manufactured and non-slip which ensure an extremely comfortable grip. 

Are other variants from the same company also available?

Besides the concerned Phiestina Wine Cooler with a 24 inch interface, the company is also selling multiple devices of diverse sizes, including a 15 inch and a 16 inch wine cooler as well. Apart from that, the company is also retailing beverage coolers and beer frosters as well. 


Phiestina Wine Cooler review suggests that this is one of the more high-end gadgets in the market, precisely for storing different types of beverages and wines. However, the price might be on the higher side and certain individuals might not be happy with the restricted storage unit that is on display. That said, nothing beats the technological prowess that the Phiestina Wine Cooler brings to the table.

Phiestina Wine Cooler

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • Extremely portable gadget
  • Advanced compressor
  • Zero noise courtesy of the Air Duct system
  • Dual-zone layout
  • Extremely energy efficient


  • Not cost-effective
  • The 24 inch chassis might be a bit small for a bigger household

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