NutriChef Wine Cooler PKTEWC180 Review: The Best Chiller Money can buy

NutriChef Wine Cooler Review


For a wine enthusiast it is necessary to understand the role of storage and temperature changes associated with the same. Therefore, it is necessary that a connoisseur keeps proper storage options handy, precisely for running the wet bar or the wine kitchen in a seamless manner. This is where the NutriChef Wine Cooler comes into play as it ensures that the deepest of reds and fruitiest of whites are kept at a perfect temperature, which eventually leads to the best-possible experience. 

nutrichef wine cooler

Why NutriChef Wine Cooler Review is Necessary?

Needless to say, NutriChef wine cooler is one of the more advanced devices for keeping the desirable and high-value entities are optimal temperature levels. Most importantly, in this NutriChef Wine Cooler review, we shall be looking at the most essential aspects against which the coolers are evaluated and once we talk about other models, it would be easier to compare each, on the basis of the mentioned utilities. 


The NutriChef Wine Cooler comes with a decent storage capacity of 18 bottles which is quite significant considering the size of the mentioned entity. The 50L storage unit is best-in-class from the company and leaves a little room for improvement.

Storage Conditions

For an 18 bottle storage space, the NutriChef Wine Cooler is a great choice courtesy of the accurate and extremely potent thermoelectric cooling system in place. In addition to that, the entire temperature unit is controlled and perfectly integrated with LED lights and even a ventilation grill that does the job, rather perfectly. Last but not least there is a pre-existing circulation fan in place for keeping any residual odor to a minimum. When it comes to the strength in display, the glass door in picture is reinforced additionally followed by an air-tight seal which is a great addition. 


nutri chef wine cooler

Unlike some of the other brands, the NutriChef Wine Cooler has a pretty expansive temperature range for the individuals and wine enthusiasts to rely on. Firstly, the range moves somewhere between 54 to 64 degree Fahrenheit which is always maintained courtesy of the stable temperature environment and the excellent digital touch support system.

Operational Noise, if any

While many wine coolers generate considerable levels of noise while operating, the NutriChef Wine Cooler is something that comes with zero to negligible operational noise. The most heartening aspect of this device is the ultra-low noise generation which has seen the light of the day courtesy of the advanced cooling module in place. 


The concerned NutriChef Wine Cooler variant is currently retailing at 170 dollars whereas the dual zone version is priced at 199 dollars to be exact. While the former comes in silver color, the costlier version is retailing only in black color. 

Other Utilities

Needless to say, the NutriChef Wine Cooler is a potent device that even works as a champagne chiller in addition to being the best storage option for white and red wine. This is nothing less than a counter top wine cellar which comes with a touch module for additional credibility. 

Are other Variants from the Same Company also available?

While we are currently concentrating on the 50L model with an 18 bottle capacity, there are two more variants from the same company with similar storage capacities. However, the difference in other models is that the temperature zone which might vary depending on the goals of the wine connoisseur. Additional features pertaining to the more high-end modules include a programmable lock, independent zone for the included LCD thermostat, and highly interactive touch buttons for additional credibility.  


As mentioned, NutriChef Wine Cooler review would now help individuals to decide which wine cooler to go for, depending on their specific preferences. Most importantly, it all comes down to the temperature range on display and how much noise a particular device makes. However, NutriChef Wine Cooler is probably the best in business, as per the existing price point. Besides exceptional wine chilling, the company also offers customer-support system and all the queries and issues, if any, are addressed with immediate attention.

NutriChef Wine Cooler

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • Decent storage capacity
  • Precision cooling technology
  • Reinforced seal and glass door support
  • Ultra-quiet processing
  • Precisely polished wine racks with chrome finishing
  • Superior storage ventilation
  • Innovative set of features


  • Certain models have reported sudden drop in temperature
  • Hefty size and there can be accommodative issues

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