NewAir WineCooler Review: Unmatched Storage Capacity at an Enviable Price

NewAir Wine Cooler


Wine coolers are actually pertinent necessities which need to be introduced in households where wine enthusiasts reside. While there are quite a few wine coolers in the market which come at a decent price point, more often than not, storage can be an issue. This is where the NewAir Wine Cooler comes into play with a massive capacity of around 126 cans. Most importantly, the price point associated with the same is quite competitive which eventually makes it an extremely popular choice.

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Why NewAir Wine Cooler Review is even Necessary?

Firstly, there are many wine coolers in the market with decent aesthetics and durability. However, eventually, it all boils down to the storage space and for accommodating a larger number of wine bottles and cans, people end up spending way more than what their budget would allow. This is where the NewAir Wine Cooler comes into play as it makes room for decent design elements without compromising on the storage space. 

This is why we would be reviewing this exceptional and innovative gadget on the basis of certain aspects, in order to make sure that it stands out in this sparsely populated world of decent wine coolers. 


Probably the best thing about the NewAir Wine Cooler is the storage capacity it brings to the table. The provided area is quite enough to accommodate around 126 wine cans whereas the company has offered solutions to make sure one can fit in different cans of varied sizes.

Storage Conditions

NewAir Wine Cooler features a decently crafted metallic rack which boasts of extended longevity and durability. Most importantly, the chrome racks on offer are quite aesthetic and can even be removed, depending on the storage requirements. In terms of actual measurements, this gadget measures 19 inches and the bread is restricted at 18.25 inches to be exact. The existing size makes sure that one can also use the same as a freestanding refrigerator. 


The concerned model of the NewAir Wine Cooler i.e. AB-1200 comes with a pretty expansive temperature range with the lowest point being somewhere in the ballpark of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. This automatically makes it one of the coldest options in the market, precisely for storing wines and different types of cans. In addition to that, the NewAir Wine Cooler also portrays the fact that there are 7 thermostat setting options to choose from which allow individuals to set their own temperature on the basis of preferences. 

Operational Noise

Needless to say, this wine cooler justifies the hype surrounding it as there is no operational noise associated with the same. There are times when our experts didn’t even understand that the cooler was even on till the time they glanced at the existing LED light. This is why this device can easily be integrated within the existing households, without any issue whatsoever. 


While this model with a capacity of around 126 cans is currently retailing at 225 dollars, there is also a slightly smaller model that is priced at 193 dollars. However, in every scenario, the price points are clearly justified.

Other Utilities

This is one potent beverage cooler that comes with stylish aesthetics. Moreover, the stainless steel exterior is something is that bound to make a lot of eyeballs turn. 

Are other Variants from the Same Company also available?

At present, there are three variants of the same company which are retailing at different but validated price points. While the concerned model supports around 126 cans, there is a 90-can support in a lesser-priced model followed by the availability of a 18-bottle wine chiller that is currently retailing at 154 dollars. 


The NewAir Wine Cooler review readily reveals that one can purchase the same precisely for the exceptional storage space on offer. Moreover, this is not just a wine chiller but a lot more as it makes room for different cans and diverse set of beverages.

NewAir Wine Cooler

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • Massive capacity
  • Extremely ergonomic footprint
  • Expansive range of temperature
  • Enviable aesthetics
  • Sleek yet durable
  • Exceptional customer support


  • Comes in one size only
  • Digital temperature monitor isn’t available

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