NewAir 21 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

The technology in terms of the wine coolers has changed drastically. You can get the wine coolers with a  lot of new features and then there are dual zone wine coolers available as well. They have really improved the wine storage for people at home. The dual zone wine coolers are much better than the single zone wine coolers because of the fact that it offers a lot more flexibility in terms of temperature control.

If you are planning to buy a Dual Zone Wine Cooler then you must go ahead and check out NewAir 21 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler. This wine cooler comes with a lot of features and at the same time, it is also very pleasing in terms of design. Here is a detailed review of NewAir 21 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler and you can check out all the details in this review.

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NewAir 21 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

The first thing that you will notice once you check out the New Air wine cooler is the design. You will be amazed by the beauty of this product and you will instantly fall in love with the design of the wine cooler. There are two separate compartments for offering dual zone control. Let us now look at the details of the design about the NewAir 21 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler.


NewAir Wine Cooler

As mentioned earlier, this NewAir 21 Bottle wine cooler is popular for its design. The design of the wine cooler looks as if it is straight up from a design workshop and this is one of the reasons why it has gained so much of popularity.

Even though the design is big enough to occupy 21 bottles of wine at once, it still doesn’t feel bulky and it would not occupy a lot of space in your house. The model is available in black color and that adds on to the finishing of the product. The handles are also aligned and they match up with the shelves inside the wine cooler. The finishing of the handle is in silver chrome which shines like a diamond.

Overall, the door has a stainless steel finish and the shelves have a wooden finish which makes the wine cooler look really attractive.

The wine cooler has blue LED lights to illuminate the compartment and they offer a good amount of illumination in the cabinet. It helps you in identifying the wine labels easily. Apart from this, there are control buttons available on the compartment. These buttons can help you in changing the temperature and also turning off the illumination. There is also a display here which tells you about the temperature settings of the wine cooler.

To conclude the design part, we can say that the design of the wine cooler is very attractive and it compiles all the elements of the design together. One thing that makes this cooler stand out from others is the wooden shelves which are something which is missing in other products. Overall, if you are looking for a product with an amazing design then this would be a perfect choice for you.

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NewAir Wine Cooler review

The cabinet features two temperature control since this is a dual zone wine cooler. The model features a push-button control for adjusting the temperature along with the display which also lets you see the temperature that you have set it up to.

Talking about the technology, the cooler uses a thermo electric system to cool the wine. This means that there is no compressor installed in the wine cooler. The impact of this technology is that it reduces noise and vibration. Owing to this technology, the wine cooler is very silent. Apart from this, the vibration also significantly less which prevents any sedentary deposits in wine.

In terms of the capacity, the model of the wine cooler can store a total of 21 wines. If you need to store large bottles then the solution is to remove some of the shelves and then store the large bottles. You would have a lot of space after removing the shelves. This way, you can even store champagne in the wine cooler.

The temperature can be adjusted between 44 degrees Fahrenheit to 66 degrees Fahrenheit and this is a good range of temperature offered by the cooler.

As per the information available, there are two compartments here and top compartment is for red wines while the bottom one is for white wine. The capacity of the top is lower than the bottom one. However, you can interchange it for use and you can even store the wines in random order.

To conclude the features part, it can be said that this wine cooler is loaded with the features and another advantage of the wine cooler is that it comes with dual zone control. All these features are available at a nominal cost so you can surely consider purchasing this New Air Wine cooler.


Newair wine cooler review

The wine cooler also retains the humidity which ensures that your cork does not dry out and it stays easy to open the wine for the use. There are many products available in the wine cooler which do not have this feature but it is one of the important features.

The product comes with a standard warranty offering of 1 year and hence you would not have to incur any repair charges for 1 year if in case you encounter any issue while using the wine cooler.


newair wine cooler review

The size of this wine cooler is compact. The length of the wine cooler is 19.9 inches, the width is 13.5 inches and the height is 32.4 inches. The added height compensates for the storage space required to store additional wine bottles. In addition to this, the weight of the wine cooler is 51 pounds.

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If you had been confused about purchasing the product then you can go ahead and opt for this wine cooler without a doubt. It has a very good design and it is also loaded with the features. When you compare this with other dual zone wine coolers then this one is relatively cheaper as well. The warranty that comes with the product also offers you a peace of mind. This is a product that you can easily place in your living room without worrying about spoiling the looks of the living room. It will surely add on to the ambiance of the room where is placed. Check out the price of this wine cooler online as you can get a good discount along with free delivery.

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NewAir AW-211ED Dual Zone Wine Cooler, 21 Bottle, Stainless Steel

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Energy Saving





  • This is a dual zone wine cooler which is what a lot of people prefers.
  • The wine cooler comes with a black finish and wooden racks which adds on to the looks of the design
  • The wine cooler has humidity retention to ensure that the cork doesn’t dry up.
  • Wine cooler uses thermo electric cooling effect which reduces vibration and noise.
  • The product is also very energy efficient.


  • The wine cooler misses out on a lock which is really required if you have children at home.

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