Magic Chef Wine Cooler Review: Smaller Package but with Myriad Benefits


Smaller wine cellars have always been in fashion and unlike the bigger ones they offer seamless portability options to the wine enthusiasts. This is where the Magic Chef Wine Cooler pitches in with its extended set of features which eventually makes up for the restrictive bottle-storing capacity. Moreover, it is necessary to understand that this wine cooler also supports temperature adjustments to the minutest of limits which further add to the credibility of the same. 

magic chef wine cooler

Why the Magic Chef Wine Cooler Review is even necessary?

While we have already concentrated on massive wine coolers with bottle and can capacities exceeding 12, it’s time to shift attention towards the more ergonomic and aesthetic models that would pair well with the existing home and office décor. This is why Magic Chef Wine Cooler review is necessary as it empowers us and allows wine enthusiasts to take the best decision regarding their purchase.

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In this review, we would be taking up quite a few aspects and evaluating the Magic Chef Wine Cooler on the basis of the same. 


It is not a hidden fact that the Magic Chef Wine Cooler is a small one and can only accommodate 6 wine bottles at most. This is one single-zone wine cooler that is a great fit for households with minimum wine consumption. 

Storage Conditions

As mentioned, the restrictive storage capacity can be an issue for bigger households but the availability of two chrome shelves with sculpted designs makes up for the same. Therefore, it becomes easier to rack the wine bottles properly and all 6 bottles can coexist without any kind of sedimentation and deposition. Moreover, if cans are to be accommodated, individuals can go up to 15 as they are smaller as compared to bottles. 


When it comes the storage temperature and the available range, the thermoelectric cooling technology is innovative and rewarding at the same time. Magic Chef Wine Cooler also comes equipped with a decent temperature range of 46 degree to 64 degree Fahrenheit followed by an adjustable controller for smaller increments. Most importantly, an indicative LED light is also supplied with the entire interface. 

Operational Noise, if any

In certain cases, courtesy of the smaller size, the wine cooler fan makes a bit of noise which can be a dampening factor. However, once the compressor is off, the device doesn’t vibrate and can be a great fit within select households. 


At present, the Magic Chef Wine Cooler is retailing at 70 dollars and that too in a pitch black color. 

Other Utilities

While the Magic Chef Wine Cooler review readily reveals all the strong and weak points of this gadget, there are still quite a few which make it a great buy. Although, we did talk about the functional temperature controller, this wine cooler further adds to the credibility by being fit for countertop usage.

Are other variants of the same wine cooler available?

At present, only this version of the Magic Chef Wine Cooler is available in online and offline markets, featuring a 6-bottle storage space, chrome plated shelves, and adjustable controller.


The Magic Chef Wine Cooler review makes sure that people with restricted household spaces have affordable wine storage options in hand. Therefore, with this wine cooler in place, individuals with minimal requirements need not spend on bigger storage options. However, for some, the size of the temperature controller can be an issue but we believe that at this price point, the Magic Chef Wine Cooler is certainly a steal. 

Magic Chef Wine Cooler

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • Compact storage unit
  • Sculpted shelves for improved aesthetics
  • Extremely portable
  • Availability of interior lighting
  • Adjustable control for temperature limits
  • Supports countertop usage as well


  • Can only store 6 bottle at a time
  • Space can be an issue if bigger bottles are to be accommodated

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