Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar Review

Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar Review

Wine chillers are the most important and essential thing to have for a wine lover. And as wine lovers love to have things organized, numerous brands have brilliant models in the market. However, for those readers who are looking for the best wine chiller for their personal bar the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar would be the one product that I will recommend to you. And there is not one reason behind this recommendation, the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar has numerous such features that are not available in any other wine chiller of this range, and it has a few features that were once exclusive to the high-end wine chillers from renowned brands.

Dual Zone Wine Cellar - WC29

So, if you were looking for a reliable,great looking and easy to use wine chiller that efficiently  chills your all wine bottles in a few minutes, then the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar will be a brilliant choice for you.

Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar Features

As I have mentioned earlier, the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar has numerous such features that make it a great buy for the wine lovers. Some of the best things that I can relate toKoolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar are listed below and I’m sure that these points will also make you buy this amazing wince chiller for your home. Gothrough them, and then decide whether the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar is the right choice for your home, or not.

Two separate zones for holding wine bottles

The Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar has enough space to hold 29 wine bottles with ease. The unique two zones and adjustable levels make it a perfect wine chiller for those buyers who love to stock their favorite wines in their collection. AS said, the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar has two zones for storing the wines. And by having two separate zones, you can easily store the wines according to the category or any other arrangement preference.

The upper zone of Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar can easily store 10 wine bottles, and the lower zone of the chiller is designed to hold 19 bottles. So, arrange your collection accordingly and keep your bar well organized.

In other words, the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar can help you arrange your wine bottles better than other wine chillers available in the market. So, if this is your requirement, then you should not look any further than the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar. This will be the best choice for you.

Compressor based efficient cooling

If the cooling technique is the preference for you while choosing a wine chiller for your home, then the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar would be the best choice to go with. The separate zones of chiller can be set at two different temperature, so you can easily set the different preferred temperature for different drinks.

The Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar works on the compressor-based cooling and is an efficient option for those buyers who are planning to buy a comfortable and efficient chiller for their home. The temperature can be set in the range of 42-65F. So you can easily set the zone according to your preferences.

LED Display

TheKoolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar has a beautiful and easy to read LED panel that shows all the necessary information including the temperature of both the cooling zones. Another great thing about the LED panel of the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar is that you can set it to view the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit units as per the preference. So, regardless of the place where you are living, you can personalize the chiller according to yourself.

So, if you were looking for the best wine chiller for yourself that can be personalized according to your preferences, then the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar would be the best choice for your home. Just buy it and you will be ready for the best and chilled wine at home for the party.

Compact design

Along with generous space and bottle holding capacity, the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar has a compact design that makes it easier for the users to fit it even in the smallest corner of your home. So, if you are willing to establish a personal bar and don’t have enough spare space to install the big chillers, then Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar would be a great choice for you as it has comparatively smaller dimensions and has a great bottle holding capacity that makes it a perfect chiller for homes.


In all, the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar is a brilliant choice for those buyers who are looking for an efficient chiller for their home and want a chiller with modern looks and appealing looks that can enhance their overall bar environment. With brilliant build quality and good bottle handling capacity, the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar is one of the best wine chillers in this price range.

So, instead of wasting your time on surfing various types of wine chillers available in the market, stick to Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone Wine Cellar and find a perfect deal that can help you save some money while purchasing this amazingly designed wine chiller for your home.

Koolatron Wine Cooler

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • Holds up to 29 bottles in two zones
  • Two zones: top zone holds 10 bottles and bottom zone which holds up to 19 bottles
  • LED display, Celsius and Fahrenheit switch
  • tempered glass doors
  • removable shelves & basket
  • Dark interior with soft interior light
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Compressor based cooling


  • No Cons

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