Koldfront 18-Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Wine coolers have traded places from being an ultra luxurious item only reserved for the upper echo leans of the society to be a quintessential item in a home. The love for wine isn’t dying down anytime soon and it’s a good thing for the wine coolers as they become an ultra necessary thing for a modern home.

Everyone loves to have a collection of wine, ranging from the premium to the everyday one, bearing the taste of simply outlandish to the normal savior one. But how do you keep a collection of wine with yourself? Have a wine cellar? What a full-fledged wine cellar at home, not everyone can do it and it isn’t feasible enough. So what’s the best shot. Well your mini wine cellar or as you call it wine cooler pops up to the forefront.

Koldfront wine cooler

Wine coolers are a dime a dozen as they offer the chilling and cooling to your favorite bottle of wine and will keep it last long. Wine often goes bad if appropriate cooling isn’t there. Having a wine cooler will help you with that. Wine coolers themselves have gone through a host of changes over the years and now come with modern next-gen technology.

If ever the word wine cooler meant the compressor based coolers, then it’s a story of yesteryear. These days wine cooler come with thermostat-based cooling which ismore efficient and better at cooling than other old wine coolers. They also produce lower levels of noise and are way effective at vibrations than the normal compressor-based ones.

As part of our wine cooler series, we have lined up another fine wine cooler that is currently revering in the market. This one named as Koldfront 18-bottle wine cooler almost seems like a futuristic piece with great aesthetic design. We here today look briefly into this one. Read along.

Koldfront 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

A boldly colored piece with curvy stuff and quite an eye to the futuristic feel, this one comes across as a beautiful and a classy piece for a wine cooler. It is certainly great when it comes to functionality and is based on the thermostat cooling which gives it quite an edge.

It has plenty of things to consider, its sophisticated look and the features like two separate temperature zones along with it and more, it’s a worth buying for. We here take an in-depth look into this one.

Let’s find out more about this one down below in our detailed briefing.


koldfront wine cooler

Lined up with wooden accents and the posh style textures, this one certainly fits the bill if you’re looking at some of the best wine coolers around. It has hardwood shelves with glass door giving it a classy feel. It also comes with a stainless steel frame that gives the glass door another added avenue. There’s also a long cylindrical based handle with it that runs from the top straight to the bottom. This one is certainly the one for you if you’re looking at something that will give you both the looks and functionality.

It has a dimension of 22.65-inch x 14-inch x 26 inches with a weight of over 35 lbs. It comes with a divider between the door that acts as one of the gaskets keeping the dual temperature zone. It helps to keep the temperature in both the zones steady and complaint to the cooling.

It also has an LCD display that helps showcase the temperature for both the dual zones and gives soft touch buttons that will help provide the command. Because of the soft touch buttons, the temperature here can be set up without the need to open the door of it. This certainly gives it an edge over the Avanti 16-bottle cooler which had the manually set thermostat placed inside of it.


koldfront wine cooler

Koldfront has featured the thermoelectric based cooling which makes sure that the chilling is at the highest level without any of the noisy fuss that the normal coolers make. It also comes with an uninterrupted chill that will keep your wine cooled for a long time. Ain’t that what we all want for, a noise-less high efficient wine cooler.

It also comes with the option for dual zone temperature setup and has the range of 54 degrees F to 66 degrees F for the top zone and the range of 46 degrees F to 66 degrees F for the bottom zone. It also comes with the styling cues that are quite similar to the 7-series wine coolers, one of the topmost cooling range on offer from Koldfront. It also has stainless steel trimmed along with a wide range of decors that is sure to liven up the surroundings. Its dual zone is one heck of the thing as that helps to keep the wines chilled and up to perfection.

The dual zones come along with the upper zone featuring the single removable rack that can hold up to six bottles while the lower zone can keep over 12 bottles in the three racks placed inside it. If you want to keep the wine bottles upright then you can go along with the stand upright mode by removing the racks and making space for it.


Koldfront has a thermoelectric-based feature that gives it the edge over other wine coolers. The presence of dual zone temperature control is another feature that is not mostly seen in the wine coolers around. Also the presence of digital-based temperature control that will give it the option to control the temperature inside the dual chambers without the need to open it is another added option that works in its favor.

It’s added design impetus makes it a vital piece that is sure to lighten up the room and the apartment. It’s one heck of a futuristic looking piece and is certainly worth the shot for. The lessening of noise and the audacity of this design makes Koldfront a viable choice for many of us.


It has a dimension of 22.65-inch x 14-inch x 26 inches with a weight of over 35 lbs. It comes with a divider between the door that acts as one of the gaskets keeping the dual temperature zone separate to the liking of the user.


If you’re searching for a wine cooler that is pure ecstasy and brilliant in performance, then this one is the one for you. It comes with a futuristic design and has dual zone temperature control that will provide you with the option to have a different temperature for different types of wine. It also has the digital temperature control which is a lot easier than the manual thermostat based one.

Koldfront TWR181ES 18 Bottle Dual Zone Freestanding Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

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Energy Saving





  • Presence of dual-zone temperature control gives the option to store different types of wine as red and white wines at two different temperature setting.
  • LED lighting placed inside provides enough illumination and certainly improves the display without eating up any energy levels and electricity units
  • Presence of removable wooden shelves that allows you to place the larger wine bottles on the upper zone upright way.
  • Presence of thermoelectric setting gives less noise and low levels of vibration.
  • The temperatures are maintained well inside it.
  • Option to place the beer bottles too for the chilling.


  • 18-bottles may count little for capacity if you’re much into wines.
  • The option of upright placement of wine bottles after the removal of wooden shelve decreases its wine bottle capacity.
  • The shelves if not placed properly or if pulled too far may come across as slippery.

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