Kalamera Wine Cooler Review: Premium Device with Decent Storage Space

There are individuals who prefer getting hold of premium wine coolers for storing different variants at optimal temperature. While there are quite a few low cost devices available in the market, the Kalamera Wine Cooler is one product that reeks of supremacy and easily trumps all the competitors with an exceptional set of features and extremely prompt customer support system. The best thing about the Kalamera Wine Cooler is that it is probably the only device that has the intuitiveness to store the likes of Pinot and even Champagne.

kalamera wine cooler

Why the Kalamera Wine Cooler is even necessary?

Firstly, this review would open a world of possibilities for the more elite clientele who isn’t worried about spending a bit more for storing their wines. Moreover, the Kalamera Wine Cooler is one product that comes equipped with the French-style door system which isn’t usually included with other wine coolers with similar storage capacities. Therefore, in this review, we would take up a few essential aspects and evaluate the Kalamera Wine Cooler on the basis of each.

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The Kalamera Wine Cooler is capable of storing 66 normal-sized bottles which might sound a bit less for the budget clientele. That said, the storage capacity might change a bit and the device might be able to accommodate lesser bottles if there are larger entities in picture, including the Pinot and others. 

Storage Conditions

When it comes to storing the bottles, this device features a dual-storage zone which comes equipped with glass door and stainless steel chassis. The best thing about this product is that there are 14 sliding wooden shelves made of beech which render additional grandeur to this already premium piece. 


The best thing about this premium gadget is the cooling range which varies from 40 to 66 degree Fahrenheit. The compressor cooling technology is extremely innovative and can be considered as one of the more advanced cooling strategies to be incorporated within similarly sized wine coolers. Therefore, the Kalamera Wine Cooler is probably the only product capable of achieving uniform cooling. Moreover, the anti-UV panes are also there which prevent any form of heating courtesy of the glaring sunlight. 

Operational Noise, if any

Another good thing about a device as premium as the Kalamera Wine Cooler is that the compressor unit is extremely quiet and despite packing some of the best features in the market, this wine cooler is also known for minimum vibrations. 


This device is priced at 999 dollars and probably the best wine cooler at the moment, that money can buy. However, there are lesser-priced models as well which are currently retailing at 899 and even 799 dollars, precisely for under counter version and the 46 bottle holding unit. All the existing versions are now available in the stainless steel color. 

Other utilities

The under-counter wine cooler from Kalamera packs in smart digital control, freestanding installation support, interior LED support, LED temperature controller, reversible lock, security lock, and a host of other features, in addition to the already mentioned ones.

Are there other variants available from the same company?

While there are quite a few versions of the Kalamera Wine Cooler available online, it all boils down the set of features desired by the clients. At present, 4 models with different storage capacities are available online followed by different set of features.


The Kalamera Wine Cooler is one of the more powerful artificial cellars in the market, featuring an advanced cooling system, compressor mechanism, and other innovative features. While the pricing at 999 dollars is far from competitive, this wine cooler certainly validates the exorbitant price tag associated with the same.

Kalamera wine cooler

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • Extremely premium product with French style door system
  • Powerful thermostat with dual-zone compatibility
  • Built-in alarm system
  • Decent storage space


  • Extremely high price point
  • Not for individuals who are looking for budget wine coolers

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