Ivation Wine Cooler Review: Powerful yet Affordable


Functional wine coolers are in fashion as there is nothing better than serving a chilled can or bottle of red or white wine to the guests. Moreover, people who can afford high quality wine aren’t actually worried about purchasing a high-end cooler just for keeping the entities at optimal temperature. However, Ivation Wine Cooler is one product that’s extremely powerful as a cooler and even affordable as compare to some of the other products in the market. This is why it is necessary for us to post the Ivation Wine Cooler review, in order to empower the customers into making the best decision regarding the wine coolers on offer.

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Why Ivation Wine Cooler Review is even necessary?

Needless to say, even the best of products need to be appreciated and recognized in order to reach a specific customer base. This is why we need to post the review of Ivation Wine Cooler as it is actually the most perfect replication of a real-time wine-cellar. Moreover, this is one CFC free entity with diverse temperature settings on offer. The Ivation Wine Cooler Review would focus on a few critical aspects against which we shall determine the efficacy of this powerful yet affordable product.


Ivation Wine Cooler can accommodate up to 12 big wine bottles or 18 standard bottles, each of 750ml. This means that the removable shelves on offer are quite utilitarian in nature. The free standing unit from Ivation is therefore a great addition to the households that deal in bigger wine bottles. 

Storage Conditions

This is one CFC free structure which is solid and provides excellent insulation against light, heat, and humidity. Moreover, the dual-pane on offer lends to the overall credibility of this device followed by the existence of the smoked glass door which renders support and decent visibility. The tight seal is a great addition and perfectly preserves the products in play. Moreover, the slide-out shelves are chrome plated which even enhances the solidarity and aesthetics. 


The best thing about the Ivation Wine Cooler is the temperature range on offer. This product offers an expansive range i.e. 50 degree to 64 degree which is more than enough to accommodate different version of red and even white wine. Most importantly, there are 1 degree increments to fall back upon, in case minute adjustments are needed. 

Operational Noise, if any

The Ivation Wine Cooler doesn’t generate any noise whatsoever and is the only vibration-free product in the market. Most importantly, it is also known for the efficiency and noise-free operation which makes sure that no deposition and sedimentation are encountered when the bottle is opened. 


When it comes to the price point, the basic Ivation Wine Cooler retails at 130 dollars whereas the one with wooden shelves and stainless steel interface is priced at 170 dollars to be exact. However, there is another product with similar set of features and door lock which is priced at 150 dollars. 

Other Utilities

In addition to the mentioned feature sets, Ivation Wine Cooler also comes equipped with an LCD display and digital controls which readily makes it a great choice. 

Are other Variants from the Same Company also available?

Although the Ivation Wine Cooler is one of a kind and retails at quite an affordable price, there are two additional models from the same company that are priced slightly higher. While one model includes a door lock, the costliest one includes wooden shelves and a stainless steel interface.


While there are quite a few wine coolers in the market, the one from Ivation is probably the best one to consider, courtesy of the extensive feature sets and decent aesthetics. Moreover, the thermoelectric technology is one-of-a-kind and this wine cooler also features a non-compressor cooling module which is nothing less than a blessing for the wine lovers. 

Ivation wine cooler

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • Functional cooler with better temperature consistency
  • Minimal exposure to light and humidity
  • Super quiet operation with zero vibration
  • Sleek aesthetics
  • Exceptional customer support


  • Storage capability is a debatable topic
  • Black surface is prone to scratches and fingerprints

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