Ivation Red and White Wine Cooler Review

Ivation Red and White Wine Cooler Review
9.1 Total Score

If you are a wine aficionado, then you know how essential it is that you store your wine at the right temperature. It is important that you store your wine at the right temperature, usually between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. But chances are that you may face a space problem which prevents you from stocking up on your favorite wines. And that’s exactly the reason why you may want to go in Ivation’s red and white wine cooler. It acts like a mini fridge that can store your wine safely and at the right temperature.

The great thing about Ivation wine cooler is its sleek efficiency and the fact that it can store up to several bottles at a time. It is also attractively priced and is quite compact, and just about the right size as well. In case you are not familiar with Ivation wine cooler, you may want to check out some of its main features.

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Ivation Red and White Wine Cooler Review

Here are some of the main features of Ivation wine cooler, listed below for your reference.

  • Design

The ivation red and white wine cooler comes with a minimalistic look in black, along with a sleek design. You can use the touch controls to set the temperature in this wine cooler and use the same to store your wine. Apart from its touch control, it also comes with soft white lighting, that’s not too bright and just right. Incidentally, the wine cooler also comes with five metal shelves which can be slid out and on which, you can place your wine bottles, in order to store them safely.

  • Features

The one good thing about storing wine in Ivation’s cooler is that the wine in question won’t be exposed to other odors unlike storing them in a refrigerator. Ivation comes in two variants, the 12 bottle version as well as the 18 bottle one, and you can choose the one you need, depending on your budget and preference. What makes Ivation wine cooler stand out is the fact that it also comes with polyurethane heavy foam insulation as well as thermo pane doors. The advantage is that all this insulation allows you to regulate humidity and it prevents the bottle corks from drying out. But best of all, Ivation ensures that an odor free environment is maintained at all times.

This cooler maintains a steady temperature between 50-64 Fahrenheit and this enables you to store your wine bottles safely. Moreover, using the touch controls, you can customize the temperature of your cooler as per your needs and current requirements. This cooler also helps you to keep the harmful UV radiation out as it can impact the wines directly and even cause it to change. But what makes this cooler stand out, is that not only can you use it to store your wines, but you can also use it to age your wines as well. It also comes with soft interior lighting, which you can always turn off, when not required.

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  • Energy

The Ivation wine cooler was designed to be energy efficient, and it operates at 65 watts only. The wine cooler utilizes a thermo electric cooling system and lacks a compressor. Thermo electric devices like the Ivation wine cooler, uses electricity to cool one part of its cooler and then alternates. Essentially, it transfers hot air from inside while letting the cool air remain inside the cooler. The good thing about thermoelectric devices is that they make extremely little noise and do not cause vibrations either. So you can count on your wine cooler not disturbing your sleep. Now, you can safely age your wines without any unnecessary noise pollution to deal with.

  • Size

It currently measures 9.9” x 19.7” x 25”, and is quite compact and can be stored easily in any part of your home. Needless to say, you need to place your wine cooler away from direct sunlight. Granted that it comes with tinted glass doors, but it would still be a good idea to store this 30 pound wine cooler in some dark corner of your house. Moreover, given its sleek finish, you can even use this wine cooler as a counter top as well.

These are some of the features of the Ivation wine cooler; the one con that we can spot is that this cooler maintains an even temperature. The temperature, is maintained at the right level that’s perfect for robust reds, however it is borderline for dry, crisp white wines. You can always customize it further, and set it to a new temperature for storing your white wines safely without exposing them to abnormally high temperatures. It currently does not feature dual temperature control for storing both your reds and whites.

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Given all these features it is easy to see why Ivation red and white wine cooler stands out for the right reasons. It has certainly become more popular over the last few months and without reason. The Ivation cooler comes with a simplistic and minimalistic design and yet it stands out on account of its touch controls, temperature controls, humidity controls, touch button operations, and ease of use. Do remember that it is important to serve wine at the right temperature; you can safely store your red and white wines at the same temperature, but when you are about to serve the same to guests, you first need to place the red wine outside so that it comes to room temperature. The white wine can be served chilled. The Ivation wine cooler is indeed ‘as good as it gets’ and that is exactly the reason why you may want to check this model out, at the earliest.

The ivation red and white wine is priced rather attractively; what makes this wine cooler stand out is the fact that it comes with advanced functionality, enable you to store your bottles safely and even regulates humidity efficiently.

9.1 Total Score

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