How to Serve Your Wine

Serving wine is an art, and like any other art, you should have proper tools and skills to master it. BY having the right set of tools and knowing the right method to serve wine, you will represent yourself as a great host. So, it is extremely important to know about the art of serving wine whenever you are organizing a get together at your place.

In case you aren’t aware of the correct way to serve the wine, stay with us till the end to improve yourself as a host who can serve the wine to the guest with utmost charm and elegance. By going through the article you will know about the tools that are necessary to serve the wines in the best possible ways and the right attitude that you should possess while serving the wine to the guests.

Choose the right wine

The first and the most important thing that you should keep in mind while hosting a wine party at home is the guests’ choices. Make sure to choose the variety of wines that majority of your guests like. By doing so, you can easily make them feel happy that you are taking care of their choice and preferences. You can either ask them about their favorite wine or guess according to the previous party experiences with them. The key thing here is to choose the wine carefully before organizing the party for friends and family.

Buy the best quality wine

Once you know about the guests’ preferences, the next step is to choose the best quality of wine for them. You can either head to the local store to get the best option or buy the wine bottle online. Regardless of the way, make sure to get the best quality wine for the guests if you want them to be happy after the party.

Let the wine rest in refrigerator or wine cooler

Another important thing that you should keep in mind while hosting a party at home, is not to serve the freshly delivered wine to the guests. Although there is no formal reason to avoid this, but the recently delivered wine has undergone transportation, bad road conditions and many other things that may cause the wine to lose the texture and balance.

So, if you are planning a party at home and want to serve the guests with the best possible wine, then we would recommend you to use the wine that has been resting in your place for at least a week. By doing so, you can retain the original texture of the wine that will make it taste divine and obviously many times better than the freshly delivered wine. So, have patience and act calm while dealing with the wines to get the best possible taste and experience. Believe us, your guests will love this gesture, and you will gain a reputation of a perfect host who loves to serve the guests with the best option.

Serving chilled wine is the best way to great your guests. By doing so, you will show them how important they are, and the care you have for them. To get the perfectly chilled wines, you can either use the wine refrigerators or if you are after a more reliable way to serve chilled wine bottles, then you should go with the wine coolers that are specifically designed to deal with the wine bottles.

Right temperature of Wine

To make sure that the guests are happy with your hospitality, it is essential that you serve them with perfectly chilled wines. Although this may be a point of personal preferences, but for a wine lover, cooler is better.

In case you are using the refrigerators for cooling the wine bottles, you may not have proper control over the cooling process, so, it is always a better choice to invest in a good quality wine cooler for your home which will help you get the wine at a perfect temperature according to the preferences. Almost all wine chillers from renowned brands come with a temperature control setting that lets the users to set the desired temperature to enhance the taste of the wine. Also, you can opt for the dual zone wine coolers which are more practical and offer better value for money. Also, these dual zone wine coolers help the users set the different temperature for the different zones so they provide better control over the cooling process. So, choose accordingly, and buy the best possible wine chiller for your home according to your budget, preferences, and usage.

Remember that white wine, red wines taste better when chilled and have different temperature sensitivity, so it is better to that which wine will taste better at which temperature. And once you know this, set your cooler’s temperature, and serve the guests with the perfectly chilled wines. Also, there are a few wine coolers that have advanced temperature settings like memory function and auto cooling shut off. So, make sure to get the best possible wine chiller for your home to get the best wine serving experience.

Right tools to deal with the wine

Apart from the wine coolers, there are numerous other things that you will need to perfectly deal with the wine. So, go through the list of things you will need while organizing a party to avoid last minute hassle. Although the list can be made without any reference by using your prior experiences in the parties, it is better to look over the internet for the tools that can be beneficial while planning a wine party at home.

Some of the most essential things that you should have at home for a perfect get-together are listed as follows. GO through them, and prepare yourself well in advance to get a perfect experience as a host.

  • Corkscrew

In order to open the wine bottles, you will need a corkscrew or similar tool that will help you open the wine bottle in the party. Make sure to get a good quality and efficient corkscrew that doesn’t ruin the moment.

  • Napkins

While organizing any party make sure to keep the napkins handy. BY doing so, you can easily deal with any awkward situation faced by the guests or the host.

  • Ice Bucket

Ice bucket can be extremely beneficial if you are organizing an outdoor party where you can’t have the wine chiller handy. By keeping the wine bottle in the ice buckets, you can be assured of serving the guests with the chilled wine as per the needs.

So, invest in a good quality ice bucket that can be used in numerous ways to help you in organizing the party.

  • Coasters

Coasters will help you a lot in order to keep thing manageable and clean. So, make sure to place the coasters in place to make the party place look clean.

Choose the perfect glassware for serving the wines

Apart from choosing the right wine according to the list of your guests, it is also essential to choose the right glassware to serve the wine. You can buy the specific glassware that are intended for serving the wine, or go with a more personalized choice to serve the guests with the best. It is totally up to you but make sure that the glassware you are planning to serve the wine in are clean, and free from any dirt or other unavoidable things for the guests.

By going with the traditional wine serving glasses you can be assured that the guests are comfortable in the party and can enjoy their drinks to the most. So, try your hands on the traditional serving glasses that not only are practically designed but look extremely beautiful for such occasions.

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Keep the place clean and well managed

Last, but not the least, keep the things well organized. Whether it is the dining table, the sitting area or any other place involved in the party, make sure that it is perfectly cleaned and managed so that you won’t have to rush o kitchen whenever your guests ask for something. This will not only help you save time that you would have wasted while running from party place to kitchen but will also help you enjoy the party to the fullest. So, just make a checklist and work accordingly before organizing the party at your place. This will also make your image as a good host who knows how to treat the guest comfortably.

These were the few things that you should keep in mind while serving the wine to the guests, or while organizing a party at home. By keeping these simple yet useful points in mind, you can always be the favorite host for the parties and your friends will love to hang in your place for utmost comfort and enjoyment. Another important thing is to be cheerful throughout the party. Don’t let your guests feel that they are causing any burden on you. Believe us, this can ruin your whole party.So, plan ahead, work accordingly, and you will be a great host to the guests.

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