Homelabs Wine Cooler Review: Single-Zone Device with a Decent Storage Space

Needless to say, a wine enthusiast clearly understands how important the wine storing process, actually is. However, not every device is the same and individuals must always be on the lookout for affordable and efficient devices for getting the job done. This is where the Homelabs Wine Cooler comes into the mix as it allows wine enthusiasts to store both red and even white wines with considerable ease and certainly at optimal temperature levels. 

Why the Homelabs Wine Cooler review is even Necessary?

While there are premium wine cellars retailing online, there is also an extended collection of affordable and mid-range wine coolers, which can fit into any household. This is where the Homelabs Wine Cooler comes into play as this review will clearly reveal the functionality and potency of this product, besides validating the credibility of the associated purchases.

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The Homelabs Wine Cooler is nothing less than a potent wine cellar as it is equipped enough to store almost 18 bottles of wine and that too the standard ones of 750ml each. However, the number might change if we are to accommodate the likes of Pinot and other premium brands which come in bigger sizes.

Storage Conditions

The most important consideration for any individual is how the storage unit actually works. The Homelabs Wine Cooler comes equipped with five extremely sturdy racks which are chrome polished and even pair well with the existing home and office aesthetics. Most importantly, the glass door is exceptional and the magnetic seal works as desired. Last but not least, the slide out chrome racks can be cleaned whenever necessary.


When it comes to achieving optimal temperature for the wine bottles, this single zone cooler is certainly more than enough. While the temperature range is quite expansive at 54 to 66 degree Fahrenheit, it is also easier to customize the same in smaller increments, in order to fit the personal preferences. Moreover, the existing LCD indicator is quite a functional one and responds well to the manual settings. Lastly, the interior light on offer is quite an equipped addition.

Operational Noise, if any

Based on expert reviews of the Homelabs Wine Cooler, the alignment of the existing electronic and mechanical components are such that any additional noise is kept to a minimum. Moreover, the device doesn’t even vibrate which eventually leads to minimum deposition and sedimentation of wine.


At present, this variant is currently retailing at 165 dollars, inclusive of the taxes. However, only the black version of the same is available for purchase. Moreover, this is one of the more affordable wine coolers, pertaining to the existing storage capacity.

Other Utilities

While the Homelabs Wine Cooler is a decent addition to any household courtesy of the innovative and intuitive feature sets, there are quite a few additional perks which come when the purchase is made. This is one free-standing device that’s extremely portable and also boasts of sturdy racks and utilitarian indicative options.

Are other variants from the same company also available?

At present, only this black colored variant of the mentioned wine cooler is retailing and that too at a pretty decent price point. Moreover, this mode is also a great gifting option for the wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts in general. 


The Homelabs Wine Cooler review clearly suggests that this product is both powerful and affordable at the same time. Apart from that, this gadget is best known for the advanced cooling options on offer and the minimal noise levels. Last but not least, the Homelabs Wine Cooler certainly offers value for money and is probably the most balanced wine cooler in the market. 

hOmelabs wine cooler

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • Sturdy products with sliding racks
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Decent storage space
  • Free-standing layout
  • Well-represented LED light


  • The cost might slightly be on the higher side

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