Haier’s HVTM16ABB 16 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Wine coolers have become a major part of the modern day home and are getting to speed with the affinity that wine coolers certainly are the quintessential items around. Previously wine coolers were reserved for only a few of the lot, and not many people fondled with the sense of bringing one home.

But wine coolers are quite a necessity, aren’t they? Going by the trends and the happenings of wine at home, wine coolers have slowly garnered places at home too. Simply put wine cooler makes for the best experience with the wines. Nobody wants the wine to go bad, do they?

Wine coolers have now taken note of the yesteryear’s issues that mainly affected them like the factors like noise and more. These days wine coolers come in pretty low noise factor and don’t have any of the previous vibrating issues that ultimately affected them. Much of this is down to the use of a thermostat based cooling system which makes sure that the compressor based ones are a thing of past.

We have been taking note of the wine coolers in the market and been presenting it to you as part of our review series. It’s now time for another one where we decipher the onus on Haier’s HVTM16ABB 16 Bottle wine cooler as part of our series. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Haier’s HVTM16ABB 16 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Haier has been known for being one of the best manufacturers of electric appliances and this wine cooler certainly does justice to it. A sophisticated looking piece, this wine cooler comes with quite great features that may stake claims to being one of the best ones around here. It looks pretty small for its size but is certainly quite opium from the inside.

This one is one of the new modern piece of wine coolers that certainly commands a place at home and is surely one of the best ones you can get your hands on. It maintains the chill pretty well and keeps your wine at its optimum taste for a prolonged period. Let’s get down to the design and more aspects of it in our detailed review down below.


Nestled in a pretty smaller looking frame, this one is much bigger than it seems to the eye. It comes with a capacity for 16-bottles and has a sleek looking design. There’s an all-black cabinet that is housed with a mirrored glass door on the front and comes with the matchmaking skills that make it irresistible. It has a double-paned glass that comes with protection from the UV rays so as to keep the wine bottles chilled.

But the double paned glass also deters it from getting a good view of the wines placed inside. However, that shouldn’t deter you from it. There’s a light placed inside of the wine cooler which when switched on gives a perfect view of the inside of the cabinet and showcases the all three cabinets that are lined inside.

The three shelves are chrome pieces and are placed nicely to make way for the wines. The three wine shelves and the bottom lining makes it four lines of four wine bottles each making the capacity up to 16 bottles. It has a dimension of 18.88 x 17.13 x 20.13 Inches and has a weight of 32.63 lbs which is pretty decent when compared to other ones like Koldfront and Avanti wine coolers.


Haier has introduced thermoelectric based cooling with this one which is one of the newest ones around. It’s quite similar to the one used by Koldfront in their 18-bottle wine cooler. Thermoelectric cooling allows it to have a lower level of noise and also blocks any vibrations and more.

Its electric controls make up for the perfect piece to have all your red and white wines at the optimum temperature. It comes with a compact size that helps in making it an easy to store piece. It also has a blue LED display and a four-full length featured wine shelves. It gives way to elegance and performance with it. There’s also a vibration-free performance with this Haier wine cooler.

It is a full black colored cabinet that adds quite an elegance to the home and is pretty durable too. Infact not many wine coolers can count to be as durable as this one. This one can be kept on any of the tabletop or countertop and will add the uber-luxury to your home thereupon.


The presence of thermoelectric cooling makes it a great wine cooler and with a good temperature to cater to, there are chances that this may be the best of the lot for your home. It has a pretty cool temperature setting that is not something we see with the normal smaller wine coolers. It also has a recessed handle that gives it the option to run the power on.

It is quite a silent wine cooler and doesn’t make any noisy fuss as is envisioned with other wine coolers. It certainly surprises you when it comes to being a silent, vibration free performance efficient wine cooler. Haier certainly has made up much for it and it shows with this wine cooler.


It has a dimension of 18.88 x 17.13 x 20.13 Inches and has a weight of 32.63 lbs which is pretty decent when compared to other ones like Koldfront and Avanti wine coolers. It has a double paneled glass door that keeps the UV rays at bay.

Pros and cons:

Here’s us with the pros and cons for this Haier’s HVTM16ABB 16 bottle wine cooler. Let’s check out:


  • Pretty small and compact in size making it easy to place along at any countertop or tabletop.
  • Elegant design with black cabinet and all-glass door.
  • The offering of blue LED lighting inside that lightens up the wine cooler.
  • Presence of thermoelectric setting that lessens the noise and gives pretty low levels of vibration.
  • The cool temperature maintenance system that is normally not seen in small wine coolers.
  • Capacity to hold 16 bottles in four shelves
  • Presence of chrome shelves.
  • Electronic-based control system for temperature and more
  • Perfect for red and white wines.


  • A bit too small to the liking and may affect the choice for buyers who want bigger wine coolers.
  • Can only fit the normal size wine bottles and not more.
  • The double glass door makes it hard to see inside unless the lights inside are switched on.


This one from Haier makes up as one of the best wine coolers around and is certainly one to go for if you’re having a liking for the elegant and functioning type. It’s sure to win your hearts and make an indispensable part of the home. And with the capacity for 16 bottles, it’s well worth for a home or an apartment.

The presence of elegant black cabinet housed by glass door panes makes it quite a piece and then the offering of blue LED lighting and the electronic controls work favor of it in comparison to other wine coolers available in the market. It certainly works wonder for your red and white wines. So if this is something you are seeking, you can go for it certainly.

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