Haier 8 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

It is not possible to preserve fine wines for a long time in the regular refrigerators but you should look for the perfect temperature. If you want the original aroma and taste of wine, then you have to look for a better option than the regular refrigerator. Almost every wine lover would definitely want to have a wine cooler at his/her home and that’s because they are interested in keeping the wine bottles safe and secure. If you are buying wine for the first time, then maybe you don’t want to get the cooler for it but if you are a person who really wants to add wine in your life on regular basis.

Almost every wine lover who is serious about preserving the original aroma of wine would always look for the best quality of wine cooler for it. There can be a lot of options available in the market but you can choose to get Haier 8 Bottle wine cooler which comes with a variety of features and amazing advantages. It is a famous choice for most of the wine lovers and you will definitely love to get this wine cooler at your home.  You should know more about the benefit of wine coolers and find out about the Haier 8 wine cooler in detail.

What should you consider while purchasing a Haier 8 wine cooler?

haier wine cooler

Although, online research can help you to know about the variety of wine coolers you have to select the best one for you. There are different wine coolers with various prices and you need to consider both hardware and features of the wine cooler. Here are the criteria which you should consider before buying new wine cooler:

  • You shouldn’t own a wine cooler just by looking at the number of wine bottles you have at your home at present. If you are planning to grow your own collection, then you can get the wine cooler which can store more than five or six bottles. If you are looking for a perfect wine cooler which can ask for a lesser amount of space, then you should get the Haier 8 bottle wine cooler.
  • The noise level of the cooler plays a great role and it keeps making noise, then it won’t be beneficial for you. The vibration and noise creating wine coolers should be a total no-no for you. If the cooler makes a little bit of noise, then it won’t be much difficult for you to own that wine cooler.
  • There are certain types of wine coolers which come with different temperature zones. It is better that you get the Haier 8 wine cooler which be best to set the right temperature for your wine collection. The wine coolers also come with the humidity control which is amazing for the long term storage.
  • After checking the normal features of the wine cooler, you need to have a look at the doors and racks of the wine cooler. It is your own personal preference that which kind of hardware you want for your wine cooler.

Haier 8 Bottle Wine Cooler Review


This wine cooler has the capacity to store eight bottles and it comes with two legs at the bottom. The beautiful glass insulated pane comes with silver trim and black cabinet which will just look amazing. It has a blue colored LED display which can display the wine bottles in an amazing manner at the night time. The design of the cooler isn’t too much flashy and the attractive cabinets of the wine cooler look amazing.  The front door of the wine cooler is air tight and that’s why you don’t’ need to worry about the cooling going out.  It doesn’t impart the UV radiation which can be harmful to the environment.


This Bottle wine cooler is less expensive as compared to the other options available in the market.  Not only the design of this wine cooler should be amazing but you should also have a look at the main look of the wine cooler.  It comes with a fantastic blue LED light and it has got buttons with which you can regulate the temperature and humidity according to your requirement. The different wine needs to be stored at different temperature and you can check the temperature for your wine and then you can change it accordingly in the wine cooler.

The best thing about the compressor used in this cooling system is that it would be easy for you to set the temperature for your benefit. It has got a powerful cooling system which can keep your wine stored in the best manner. It is really compact and small which can be stored at the countertop of your kitchen in an effective manner. The people who don’t’ want to waste a lot of money for buying wine cooler should decide to purchase this product because it can store eight bottles of wine which can get cool at a  faster pace. There are vents given with the wine cooler on the sides and at the back and top side along with a fan.


Before buying the wine cooler, it is necessary that you check its size. As compared to the regular refrigerators, you would be able to get smaller size in wine coolers which are amazing or the portability. You can circulate the wine cooler from one place to another without making many efforts.

How can you maintain the wine cooler for a longer time?

If you will buy a new wine cooler for the wine bottles, then you should place it at the right location.  It is really important that you keep it well-maintained. Make sure that you place it at the right location so that it can be placed in the ventilated area. It should be placed away from the sunlight and the temperature should be appropriate. Make sure that you don’t place it near dishwasher, dryer, oven or other home appliances.

The wine cooler should be installed properly and this would help you to maintain it properly.  The installation experts can help you to find out the right place to install it in an efficient manner. You can adjust the legs of the wine cooler before placing it properly.  It is really important that you don’t try to overload the refrigerator otherwise it would get overloaded. It would be better that you get the large-sized wine cooler.  If you will try to exceed the limit of the wine cooler bottles, then it can get the risk of having hot spots and this won’t be beneficial for you at all.

Regular cleaning is really important when you want to ensure proper maintenance of the wine cooler.  Now it has become really necessary that you don’t end up making the mistake of buying the wrong type of wine cooler. Cleaning can be done with the regular water and cotton cloth and you can also use the mild cleaner. Make sure that you switch off the wine cooler before cleaning it.


One can’t deny the fact that this is one of the best wine refrigerators which you can get for its best functionality and features.  Whether someone is amateur or you are a pro wine lover, you would definitely love this wine cooler because it can let you store your wine at the perfect temperature and you can also change the settings according to your choice. It would be really easy to clean this wine cooler and maintenance is not high. If you are looking forward to placing it at your home, then you can choose a kitchen countertop or the place where you regularly drink wines.  Anyone who is serious about drinking wine should definitely purchase this wine cooler.

Haier HVTM08ABS 8-Bottle Wine Cellar with Electronic Controls

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Energy Saving





  • It comes with humidity and temperature control in a precise manner.
  • It is compact in size and you can easily transfer it from one place to another easily.
  • It comes with the UV protection with glass door and has a smoky look.
  • It is durable and can last for a long time period.
  • The lightweight wine cooler can be amazing for the pro-wine lovers and beginners both.


  • It might make a little bit of noise and it isn’t an energy rated appliance.
  • You might think it is a little bit extra expensive as compared to the earlier models of the wine coolers.
  • It would look dark at the time of night because the brightness of LED isn’t so strong.

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