Frigidaire Wine Cooler Review: An Affordable Cellar that Packs a Punch

For someone looking to purchase a small yet efficient wine cooler without going overboard with the price, the Frigidaire Wine Cooler is probably the best option in the market. While this gadget comes with a decent storage capacity of 12 normal sized bottles, it also makes way for decent temperature ranges, seamless indicative options, and zero operational vibration and noise. Moreover, the pricing is extremely nominal and this wine cooler is a lot affordable than some of the more premium options in the market which retail at higher price points. 

Why the Frigidaire Wine Cooler review is even necessary?

Firstly, we have already reviewed some of the more premium products and even an affordable wine cooler deserves our full attention. This is why the Frigidaire Wine Cooler review is necessary as it would allow users to evaluate their existing options in regard to smaller wine storage facilities. We would review this cooler on the basis of few important aspects which would then allow users to judge and make purchase decisions.

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The Frigidaire Wine Cooler is capable of holding up 12 bottles or around 30 or more cans. However, one attribute is that there is a vertical storage option for up to 4 upstanding bottles as well. Therefore, this is one of the very few wine coolers that would get additional points for such an innovative design.

Storage Conditions

Firstly, the innovative design, in regards to storage also means that Frigidaire Wine Cooler makes a few positive adjustments pertaining to the storage conditions as well. Firstly, the existing glass door is curved and sync with the modern-day décor requirements. Moreover, the blue light indicator also works like a charm. That said, the racks are placed in such a manner that the wine bottles are free of any sediments or depositions. Last but not least, there is a 2-player glass door to experience followed by the existence of removable shelves.


The ambient temperature range for the Frigidaire Wine Cooler is fixed at 46 to 64 degree Fahrenheit which is quite decent for storing wines. Moreover, there is an adjustable temperature controller in play that makes sure that even smaller increments can be handled with seamless ease. In addition to that, the Blue light empowered interior further add to the coolness of this artificial cellar.

Operational Noise, if any

This is a vibration and noise free device which is quite obvious courtesy of its extremely portable layout. Therefore, it is easier to accommodate this gadget or fit it into a home or office, without disturbing the individuals around. 


This is one of the more affordable wine coolers in the market and currently retailing at 100 dollars to be exact. Most importantly, the product is made up of pure steel and is available only in the Black color. 

Other Utilities

This is one free-standing wine cooler that is quite aesthetic and extremely portable. While we have already enlisted all the existing feature sets, the Frigidaire Wine Cooler is probably the only device in the market that offers horizontal and even vertical storage facilities to the user. 

Are there other variants from the same company?

The Frigidaire Wine Cooler FRW1225 is the only variant that is retailing at the moment but the company has plans of launching some additional gadgets with a more premium outlook. 


The Frigidaire Wine Cooler is a decent product with a commendable price point for the existing storage capacity. However, people must consider this as a wine cooler only as the lower temperature zone isn’t as powerful as some of the more premium options. 

Frigidaire Wine Cooler

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • Extremely Affordable
  • Decent storage capacity for the existing price point
  • Adjustable temperature zone
  • Amazing aesthetics


  • Lower temperature settings isn’t as efficient

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