Danby DWC612BLP 75 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Danby Wine Cooler

When it comes to hosting business parties or a get together, a fine collection of gourmet wines would come just in handy. If you are a businessman who loves his wine and often find the need to host meetings and parties, then you would definitely need a large wine cooler to store your wines in.

And nothing could be perfect than the free standing Danby DWC612BLP 75 Bottle Wine Cooler. For example, if you are operating a premium dining restaurant you would often get requests for gourmet wine to go along with the food and this wine cooler, with its black cabinet would just be perfect for you to store all your wines in.

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More often than not, most wine connoisseurs consider wine coolers as an add-on, but in truth, they are essential as they help to store your wine at perfect temperatures and at the right humidity. And if you want to preserve the authentic taste, aroma and flavor of your gourmet wine, then you would definitely want to get a wine cooler, one that comes with advanced functionality and can store the right number of wines as well.

What you need to look for in a wine cooler

  • Capacity: The first thing that you need to consider is the capacity of the wine cooler itself; how many bottles can it hold? You must have an idea of how many wine bottles you plan to purchase, and when looking for a wine cooler, double that number as your collection is bound to grow in the future. So If you plan to purchase 10 bottles of wine, then you need to look for wine coolers that can safely store at least 20 bottles or more. And you may also want to remember that wine bottles come in various shapes and sizes; so you may want to double check with the seller if the wine cooler capacity refers to standard size wine bottles or something smaller.
  • Interior: You may want to look for wine coolers that come with metal lining on the inside as well as metal shelves. One of the reasons is that metal conducts cold faster and is much more effective in maintaining your wine cooler at optimal temperatures. Do keep in mind that some wine coolers come with wooden cabinets and some with wooden shelves; so you may want to check out the wine cooler in detail, before purchasing it.
  • Shelves: It is a good idea to go for wine coolers that come with chrome shelves or wooden shelves with metal trims or support. But you may also want to check and see if the shelves slide out as it would make it easier for you to stock your wine cooler. And keep in mind that you would need to clean your cooler regularly and shelves which slide out, make it easier to do so.
  • Door: Wine coolers that come with a glass door rather than a metal one tend to be more expensive. For one, they certainly add style and finish to the cooler but you may also want to check and see if the glass comes with UV protection. Sunlight/UV radiation can damage your wine, so if you are purchasing one with a glass door, make sure that it has UV protective finish.
  • Vibration: when it comes to wine coolers, you need to go for ones that do not vibrate. At the least, make sure that the wine cooler in question comes with shelves which grip the bottle. The point is that wine bottles which are exposed to vibration constantly, tend to go ‘bad’ sooner than expected.

Danby DWC612BLP 75 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Design:Danby wine cooler

This Danby wine cooler is a free standing wine cooler, and stands 6 feet tall and comes with an elegantly designed black cabinet along with platinum trims which adds a special allure to the same. It certainly looks elegant and is well designed, and comes with 9 wooden shelves along with metal support. These shelves are elegantly designed as well and can hold 75 standard size bottles of wine at a time.  As far as aesthetics go, this wine cooler stands out for the right reason and the wooden shelves give it a rustic look, which complements the whole design


The Danby 75 bottle wine cooler, manages to save on essential space by allowing you to stack your wine bottles close together. It comes with LED display unit which enables you to control the temperature and humidity levels in this cooler, at precise levels.

All you need to do is to use the touch screen controls and set your temperature and humidity, at optimal levels to store your wine safely. The wine cooler also comes with an interior lighting but you need to switch on the light manually and it would not come on automatically, the moment you open the door.

The wine cooler comes with air tight seals around the front door, so there is no leakage whatsoever and that the internal temperature and humidity remains the same.

What’s interesting about this wine cooler is that it also happens to come with a reversible door, meaning that you can open it either from the left or the right, which can be quite handy. Furthermore, the cooler also comes with auto defrost functionality, so you would not have to manually defrost your cooler every now and then.

The wine cooler is set to defrost any ice buildup and the melted water is sent to the drip tray. Here, the compressor’s heat evaporates the water effortlessly.

And of course, it looks great as well with the black cabinet, with its platinum trim and beach wood shelves as well.

If you are looking to improve your wine collection or want to stock up on all the gourmet wines for your restaurant, then this wine cooler should be your top choice. Incidentally, this wine cooler also comes with limited warranty, and is certainly built to be both robust and durable.


The wine cooler is a free standing wine cooler, one that comes with beech wood shelving, and stands around 6 feet tall. It weighs around 156 pounds and comes with the following size specs, 25.8 x 23.9 x 58.8 inches. It certainly catches your eye right away, and what’s more, it should be able to store your wine bottles safely for extended periods of time.

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Contrary to expectations, this wine cooler comes with an attractive price tag; given all the functionality it packs in and the fact that it can store about 75 wine bottles, you might assume that it comes with a steep price. But that surprisingly is not the case here; it comes with a decent price tag, one that makes it affordable as well.

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When it comes to wine coolers the Danby DWC612BLP certainly manages to create the right impression. It is efficient, and stores all your wine bottles in optimal settings. This wine cooler would be quite useful especially if you are running a fine gourmet restaurant. It comes with all the features that you would need, from LED thermostat, to air tight seals, and a glass door that comes with UV protective finish.

So if you are looking to increase your wine collection and happen to be on the lookout for a wine cooler to store your wines at optimal settings, you may want to take a closer look at the Danby DWC612BLP.

Further Information

Danby DWC612BLP 75 Bottle Wine Cooler

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Energy Saving





  • It is around 6 feet tall, comes with 9 wooden shelves and helps store around 75 wine bottles at a time
  • It comes with LED thermostat, with touch screen controls with which you can control both the temperature and humidity in your wine cooler
  • It comes with glass door with UV protective finish and should enable you to view the contents of your wine cooler without even having to open it.
  • It comes with reversible door and one that you can open from the right or the left.
  • Easy to install; all you have to do is to unpack the cooler, plug it in and you should be set.


  • You may find this Expensive.

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