Wine 101 : A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Temperatures and Wine Cooling

When it comes to gourmet wines, you would be surprised to learn that most of the wine is actually made from specific wine grapes. It is a common assumption that most people make, regarding table grapes. Table grapes are larger, whereas wine grapes are smaller and the former rarely contains seeds while the later does contain a few seeds. These grapes are harvested at specific  periods of the year, and then they are crushed, after which the juice is collected, and undergoes several processes including fermentation. Most of the wine produced commercially is left to age in wooden barrels after which it is broached and the wine tasted. Then the wine in question is ready to be sold all over the world. More often than not, most first time buyers have little knowledge about the process regarding wine production and even less on wine temperatures and wine cooling.

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Wine and the right temperature for it

The first thing that you need to know is that all wine, be it red, white or rose are all stored at the same temperature. It does not matter which part of the world the wine is produced at, but when it comes to storing it, you need a cool, dark place to store the various bottles. This is one of the reasons why most cellars were often used by wine connoisseurs to store their wine bottles

And if you are getting ready to entertain some guests, you can always bring up a few bottles and store the same in the refrigerator. The one mistake that a few people often make is that they end up serving their wine at the wrong temperature. Different wines react differently to temperature so here’s a quick tip as far as serving wine goes –

  • Full bodied red wines such as Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon – Anywhere from 64F
  • Dry white wines such as Chardonnay and Chablis – Between 48-52F
  • Pinot Noir – 60-64F
  • Champagne and other sparkling wines – 40F
  • Other dry white wines such as Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc – 45-48F

If your guests are going to arrive in 5 minutes, then you can take the red wine out of the refrigerator, so that it reaches room temperature before serving it to your guests. And the white wine, you can remove it from the refrigerator, just before serving the same. It is important that you serve your wine at the right temperature otherwise it could go bad, quite easily.

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Wine Coolers and the need for the same

Since you have just started to enjoy gourmet wine, you may want to invest in a wine cooler. Think of a wine cooler as a mini cellar, one that stores your wine for you at optimal temperatures. Moreover,  it is not a good idea to store all your wine in the refrigerator. There are various wine coolers to choose from, from budget ones at $100, with the premium ones costing a lot more. It all comes down to the sort of wine cooler that you are going for, so check out a few things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a wine cooler.

  • Space: So, you do not have a cellar to store your wine in and in which case, you would need a wine cooler. You can go for the budget ones or get a mid-sized wine cooler installed in your kitchen. There are a few coolers that even offer you dual temperature control for your whites and reds, but as mentioned earlier, you can store all your wine at the same temperature.
  • Cost: Smaller sized wine coolers cost around $100 but the cost goes up, as you opt for larger wine coolers that come with added functionality. For example, a few wine coolers offer dual temperature controls for the whites and reds. Apart from this, a few even come with LED lighting, temperature displays, and even rack materials for storing your wine bottles. It depends on your budget and you can choose the right wine cooler that fits in with the same.
  • Temperature: The optimal time to store your wine at would be 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit. You need not store your white wines and red wines separately and can use the same temperature to store them at. It is only when you are serving the wine that you need to take care, with red wine being served at room temperature and white, slightly chilled.
  • Storing at the right temperature: One of the benefits of the wine cooler is to safely store your wine for you at the right temperature. You can always remove the bottle from your refrigerator and start using the wine cooler since it enables you to store the wine at the optimal temperature. You may not be able to use this setting in your fridge, especially with other food items which is why it makes sense to use a wine cooler, even a budget one to store your bottles of wine.


When you are serving wine to your guests during dinner and you have some leftover wine, you can store the same, after you have tried removing most of the air from the bottle. The reasoning  is simple, wine interacts with air and once it has been opened, it will soon spoil which is why keeping the bottle sealed and removing the extra air from the bottle may actually help the wine in question, last longer.

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When it comes to purchasing wines, you may want to avoid those discount stores since the wine may not be as expected. Instead, check out the brand, see if it has gotten reviews from other wine connoisseurs and then, see if you can get a free taste (sample), before purchasing it.  You can always head on a wine trip; visit some of the local vineyards where they would be more than happy to let you sample their vintage. Then you can decide if you like it well enough to purchase a few bottles. But remember to store them in your cellar or your wine cooler, once you get back.

How Noisy is a Wine Cooler?

Wine coolers are often a noisy piece of thing. Guess what not all wine coolers come with the uber silent option and it’s a reason why many people find the wine cooler an irritative piece. But that should not deter you from the thing that these noise levels can be managed and curbed to sound pretty low than what it normally is. And we here would look into that. Read along


Wine Coolers and the Noise factor

Wine cooling cabinets are prone to making noises and so are the likes of regular refrigerators. But we often neglect that factor. Wine coolers are known to produce sounds in the range of 35-45 decibels or dB. If you compare the same with other electrical appliances in your home, then think of this one, the fridge generates a noise level of 35 dB while the dishwasher gives way to 45-50 dB.

Wine coolers have a greater need of maintaining the required temperature to keep the levels as low as possible and for this, they are designed with compressor, a series of fans and refrigerant circuit. Some wine coolers adhering to their design attributes come with low noise levels. But the lookout for the silent wine cooler is something pretty much a myth.

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What makes the noise in Wine Coolers?

Wine Coolers have various factors going underneath which generates noise in them. These are mainly the fans, the requirement of maintaining the pressure and the need for constant chilling. We here talk in brief about this one down below.

a) Fans

Wine coolers are equipped with electric fans which mitigates the need for maintaining a stable temperature inside the wine cabinet. It also helps negate the forming of the frost inside the cooler. The fans adhering to the fact that they function via the movement of their blade creates a swishing sound and naturally yields noise factor.

It works on a simple term, the more the number of fans inside the wine cooler, the more the levels of noise in it. Normally the wine coolers come in two temperature variants as a single temperature zone and double temperature zone. And in both cases, the fans are on constant running mode which is why they generate the noise.

b) Maintaining the pressure

The wine coolers are equipped with compressor powers that exchange the heat/cold cycle in it. These are normally located at the bottom of the cabinet and comes places with rubber or silicone mold on top so as to reduce the vibrations in it. Though it still generates the deep humming sound which is almost unmistakable to hide upon.

But the thing about compressors is that they do not run on a constant mode as that of the fans and hence whenever the compressor is at a stop mode, the noise levels generated from the compressor are off.

c) Need for chilling

Another major reason for the noise factors is chilling which is based on the refrigerant flow that is down under the system. The refrigerant is what keeps the temperature in the wine cooler at a chilled mode. It is generally guided by the thermostat which when put to use generates the hissing sound that is often times irritating to most of us.

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But there’s a thing about the wine cooler. The initial run-in for a brand new wine cooler often generates more sound than the other old coolers as it requires the need to bed in during the first few months. This, however, will pass within a couple of months and the sound will become somewhat bearable.

How to manage the noise factor?

Well, there are a few ways that may help manage the noise factor in the wine cooler. It’s not that just chopping and changing the brand will give way to a silent wine cooler but some manufacturers do come with a low-noise level wine cooler.

Another way that may change the noise levels and lessen it to somewhat liberal is the placement of the wine cooler. Where you store your wine cooler is also vital for reducing the noise level. An acoustically sound area may give enough leverage to provide a low noise level. And the buck doesn’t stop there as the interior design and other factors like décor also matter in it.

We here would talk about the placement of the wine cooler and the noise level each place shall generate down below.

a) Drawing room

Drawing rooms are often known for being the perfect place for pleasant sound and placement of a wine cooler over there would disrupt the environment completely. But therein lies a catch, a Victorian style old school drawing room with heavy curtains and thick carpets would certainly be the best environment for keeping a wine cooler. A wine cooler kept over there is sure to sound quiet in comparison to others.

b) Kitchen

Most often wine coolers are kept in and around the kitchen area which is pretty fine to the requirements that pop up in the kitchen. Kitchen is a region which already is full of plenty of appliances and elements that are known to be noisy.

And keeping a wine cooler over here would provide integration to it whereby the noises feel severally dampened due to the fact that the wine coolers noise levels are suppressed by the kitchen elements.

Things to take care of to reduce the noise factors

a) Take care of the acoustics

The acoustics make a vital part of the planning whilst creating space for wine coolers. They are often part of the sound dampening agent and keeping them in line would mean that the noise levels generated by wine coolers would be neglected and suppressed with the rightful acoustics.

b) Air circulation

A wine cooler needs to be placed with the proper underlay and air circulation as that helps provide the required impetus for the chillness that is needed for it. It helps in dissipating the heat and the sound levels and makes the sound much more absorbing resulting in a low noise wine cooler.

Wine coolers are often times a contract conundrum of noise factor though it still can be curbed as per the requirement, albeit with the use of few precautions.

How to Serve Your Wine

Serving wine is an art, and like any other art, you should have proper tools and skills to master it. BY having the right set of tools and knowing the right method to serve wine, you will represent yourself as a great host. So, it is extremely important to know about the art of serving wine whenever you are organizing a get together at your place.

In case you aren’t aware of the correct way to serve the wine, stay with us till the end to improve yourself as a host who can serve the wine to the guest with utmost charm and elegance. By going through the article you will know about the tools that are necessary to serve the wines in the best possible ways and the right attitude that you should possess while serving the wine to the guests.

Choose the right wine

The first and the most important thing that you should keep in mind while hosting a wine party at home is the guests’ choices. Make sure to choose the variety of wines that majority of your guests like. By doing so, you can easily make them feel happy that you are taking care of their choice and preferences. You can either ask them about their favorite wine or guess according to the previous party experiences with them. The key thing here is to choose the wine carefully before organizing the party for friends and family.

Buy the best quality wine

Once you know about the guests’ preferences, the next step is to choose the best quality of wine for them. You can either head to the local store to get the best option or buy the wine bottle online. Regardless of the way, make sure to get the best quality wine for the guests if you want them to be happy after the party.

Let the wine rest in refrigerator or wine cooler

Another important thing that you should keep in mind while hosting a party at home, is not to serve the freshly delivered wine to the guests. Although there is no formal reason to avoid this, but the recently delivered wine has undergone transportation, bad road conditions and many other things that may cause the wine to lose the texture and balance.

So, if you are planning a party at home and want to serve the guests with the best possible wine, then we would recommend you to use the wine that has been resting in your place for at least a week. By doing so, you can retain the original texture of the wine that will make it taste divine and obviously many times better than the freshly delivered wine. So, have patience and act calm while dealing with the wines to get the best possible taste and experience. Believe us, your guests will love this gesture, and you will gain a reputation of a perfect host who loves to serve the guests with the best option.

Serving chilled wine is the best way to great your guests. By doing so, you will show them how important they are, and the care you have for them. To get the perfectly chilled wines, you can either use the wine refrigerators or if you are after a more reliable way to serve chilled wine bottles, then you should go with the wine coolers that are specifically designed to deal with the wine bottles.

Right temperature of Wine

To make sure that the guests are happy with your hospitality, it is essential that you serve them with perfectly chilled wines. Although this may be a point of personal preferences, but for a wine lover, cooler is better.

In case you are using the refrigerators for cooling the wine bottles, you may not have proper control over the cooling process, so, it is always a better choice to invest in a good quality wine cooler for your home which will help you get the wine at a perfect temperature according to the preferences. Almost all wine chillers from renowned brands come with a temperature control setting that lets the users to set the desired temperature to enhance the taste of the wine. Also, you can opt for the dual zone wine coolers which are more practical and offer better value for money. Also, these dual zone wine coolers help the users set the different temperature for the different zones so they provide better control over the cooling process. So, choose accordingly, and buy the best possible wine chiller for your home according to your budget, preferences, and usage.

Remember that white wine, red wines taste better when chilled and have different temperature sensitivity, so it is better to that which wine will taste better at which temperature. And once you know this, set your cooler’s temperature, and serve the guests with the perfectly chilled wines. Also, there are a few wine coolers that have advanced temperature settings like memory function and auto cooling shut off. So, make sure to get the best possible wine chiller for your home to get the best wine serving experience.

Right tools to deal with the wine

Apart from the wine coolers, there are numerous other things that you will need to perfectly deal with the wine. So, go through the list of things you will need while organizing a party to avoid last minute hassle. Although the list can be made without any reference by using your prior experiences in the parties, it is better to look over the internet for the tools that can be beneficial while planning a wine party at home.

Some of the most essential things that you should have at home for a perfect get-together are listed as follows. GO through them, and prepare yourself well in advance to get a perfect experience as a host.

  • Corkscrew

In order to open the wine bottles, you will need a corkscrew or similar tool that will help you open the wine bottle in the party. Make sure to get a good quality and efficient corkscrew that doesn’t ruin the moment.

  • Napkins

While organizing any party make sure to keep the napkins handy. BY doing so, you can easily deal with any awkward situation faced by the guests or the host.

  • Ice Bucket

Ice bucket can be extremely beneficial if you are organizing an outdoor party where you can’t have the wine chiller handy. By keeping the wine bottle in the ice buckets, you can be assured of serving the guests with the chilled wine as per the needs.

So, invest in a good quality ice bucket that can be used in numerous ways to help you in organizing the party.

  • Coasters

Coasters will help you a lot in order to keep thing manageable and clean. So, make sure to place the coasters in place to make the party place look clean.

Choose the perfect glassware for serving the wines

Apart from choosing the right wine according to the list of your guests, it is also essential to choose the right glassware to serve the wine. You can buy the specific glassware that are intended for serving the wine, or go with a more personalized choice to serve the guests with the best. It is totally up to you but make sure that the glassware you are planning to serve the wine in are clean, and free from any dirt or other unavoidable things for the guests.

By going with the traditional wine serving glasses you can be assured that the guests are comfortable in the party and can enjoy their drinks to the most. So, try your hands on the traditional serving glasses that not only are practically designed but look extremely beautiful for such occasions.

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Keep the place clean and well managed

Last, but not the least, keep the things well organized. Whether it is the dining table, the sitting area or any other place involved in the party, make sure that it is perfectly cleaned and managed so that you won’t have to rush o kitchen whenever your guests ask for something. This will not only help you save time that you would have wasted while running from party place to kitchen but will also help you enjoy the party to the fullest. So, just make a checklist and work accordingly before organizing the party at your place. This will also make your image as a good host who knows how to treat the guest comfortably.

These were the few things that you should keep in mind while serving the wine to the guests, or while organizing a party at home. By keeping these simple yet useful points in mind, you can always be the favorite host for the parties and your friends will love to hang in your place for utmost comfort and enjoyment. Another important thing is to be cheerful throughout the party. Don’t let your guests feel that they are causing any burden on you. Believe us, this can ruin your whole party.So, plan ahead, work accordingly, and you will be a great host to the guests.

Refrigerator vs Wine Cooler – What’s the Difference?

If you are just starting out on your wine journey and looking to purchase more than a few bottles on your trip to France, then you need to mull about a few things. All wine needs to be stored at optimal conditions and that usually involves storing them in temperatures that range from 40 F to 66 F. Wines come in white and red, and then there’s rose, with each wine representing a nuanced taste. And if you do not take enough care to store these bottles at the requisite temperature, then there is a chance that they would turn.

And while your first thought would be to plunk them into your refrigerator, which would not be advisable either, on account of all the other food articles that may be stored in the same as well as the odours that come along with it. It is important, nay, essential that you store your bottles in an odour-free zone and one that is airtight, temperature controlled and comes with all the optimal conditions that you need for storing your wine safely and securely.

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You can always purchase a wine cooler or go for a wine refrigerator; there are a lot of affordable models out there and depending on how many bottles you are looking to store each time, you can choose the apt model. However, if you are wondering as to what differences there are between a wine cooler and a refrigerator then do read on.

Differences between Refrigerators and Wine Coolers

Here are a few differences but it is worthwhile pointing out that both wine coolers and refrigerators come with similar functionalities but with subtle differences. Just check out some of the key differences.

  • Bottles: It goes without saying that you can store more bottles in a wine refrigerator than you could with your standard sized wine cooler. But it also depends on the size of the bottle that you plan on storing. With the standard sized bottles, you should be able to store 36+ bottles in a standard wine refrigerator whereas you would be able to store at most 22 with a standard sized wine cooler.
  • Humidity: This is something that all refrigerators do, except that when it comes to wine refrigerators, the temperature and humidity conditions are better controlled. Humidity is an important factor that you would have to consider especially if you are considering ageing your wine and letting it mature further. In that case, you would be better off with a wine refrigerator than anything else.
  • Temperature: Most wine refrigerators enable you to store both your white and reds at optimal temperatures. Granted that there are more than a few wine coolers that allow you to do the same but the difference here is that you can customize your settings and ensure that your wines are stored at optimal temperatures.
  • On the side: This is one advantage that wine refrigerators have over wine coolers; in a wine refrigerator, you have to store your wine bottles on the side. This is mainly so that the corks do not dry out and in the process, shrink and allow fresh air in. This is what happens when you store your wine bottles for long in a cooler, though to be fair, there are now more than a few new wine coolers which feature shelves for storing the bottles on their side. The other reason is that you get to store your wine bottles in your refrigerator with a slight slant, so as to keep the sediments at the bottom and prevent it from affecting the overall taste.
  • Technical issues: The good part about wine refrigerators is that you can always get your electrician to repair the same or to check it out and if required, get some of the parts replaced. Unfortunately, with most wine coolers – the moment they break down, you may as well turn it in for scrap and go in for a new wine cooler all over again.
  • Customization: You can always customize your wine refrigerator easily, and even upgrade it to a bigger model if you want to. As it is, it provides you with the complete solution that you need for storing your white and red wines. Wine coolers are good but some of them tend to make a racket when in operation.

These are some of the key differences between a wine refrigerator and a wine cooler; while both enable you to store your wines safely and securely, you may well have to choose one over the other. And whichever one that you go for, make sure that it is the product that meets all your current requirements. Additionally, you may also want to make sure that it comes with the requisite warranty as well.

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The Most Common Types of Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are one of the most essential things that you must own if you are in love with chilled wines and are planning to establish your personal bar at home. However, choosing the best wine chiller can be a really hectic job to perform, and even I took a month to discover which wine cooler would be a perfect buy for me.

In case you are also planning to buy a wine chiller for your home, and are willing to buy the best one, then the first thing that you should be aware of is the types of wine coolers available in the market. By knowing the well, you can easily pass the first phase of choosing the best wine chiller for your home. If you are a wine lover then you must have heard of the different types of wine chillers, however, if you do not, the stay with me until the end of the article, as I’m going to discuss all the types of wine coolers that are popular among the buyers and are available easily in the market.

Types of wine coolers in the market

The wine coolers or chillers can be classified by the two ways, one is by the technology which they use to wines, and the other category of classification is the structure and design of the wine chiller. Both the categories have different types of chillers and in order to get the most suitable and perfect wine chiller for your home, it is essential that you know all of them. So, without wasting any further time, let’s jump straight to the said categories and the types of wine chillers that fall in it. Check best wine cooler for beginner

Category 1: According to the cooling tech

The first category of the wine chillers divides the chiller according to the technology they use to cool down the wine bottles. And IN this category, we have two types of wine chillers namely Compressor Win cooler, and the other one is the thermoelectric wine cooler. These both have different benefits, pros,and cons associated with them, but they both serve the same purpose, that is to cool the wine for the users. So, let’s jump to the details of both the chillers before moving further to the other categorization of wine coolers.

(1) Compressor wine coolers

In the simplest words, the wine coolers based on this technology uses the compressed air to cool the wine bottles. The compressing of air and releasing it again makes the wine bottles This is an efficient and easy to use wine cooler. Apart from the efficient cooling, these wine coolers have numerous other benefits that you can only avail by purchasing a reliable compressor-based wine cooler for your home. Some of the most talked about benefits of Compressor wine coolers are listed as follows

  • Faster and most effective cooling
  • Works efficiently to cool the interiors and wine bottles
  • Can be easily personalized

(2) Thermoelectric Wine coolers

Unlike the compressor-based wine coolers, the thermoelectric wine coolers rely on the electricity and have the efficient metal rods inside the cabin that cool down the complete cabin within a few minutes.

Also, the inner cabin also has a fan that regulates the cool air inside the cabin. In all, these points make it a great option for the homes.

Apart from the fast cooling and efficient air circulation, the thermoelectric wine coolers have numerous other benefits that can be achieved by a compressor-based wine cooler. Some of the pros related to the thermoelectric wine chillers are listed as follows

  • Silent operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable than the compressor-based wine chillers

Category 2: According to design and structure

According to the structure and design, the wine chillers can be classified into two categories, namely Single zone wine coolers, and the double zone or dual zone wine coolers. The things that make these categories different from each other is the arrangement of wine bottles and the capacity.

Here is the brief description of these wine coolers so that you can easily choose the one that is perfect for you.

(1) Single zone wine Cooler

Single zone wine chillers target those buyers who do not want to keep the large stock in their bar. With the specific brands and a limited number of bottles of preferred wine, these wine chillers have a relatively lesser capacity to hold the wine bottles.

This is a perfect choice for those buyers who occasionally drink wine or invite friends for a get-together. So, if you think that you fall in this category of buyers, then without a second thought, go with the single zone wine chillers that are compact, easy to use, and have less complexity than the dual zone wine chillers.

(2) Dual zone wine Cooler

Dual zone wine chiller is a perfect bar accessory for the wine lovers. The main difference between a single and dual zone wine is chiller is that the latter one has two separate zones to keep the wine bottles. This makes it easier and more manageable to keep the different types of wines separately and make your bar more organized. Additionally, the dual zone wine chillers also have better bottle holding capacity than the single zone wine coolers.

So, if you are a wine lover with a lot of stock, and love to enjoy weekends with friends drinking and partying, then the dual zone wine chillers will be a more practical and easy choice for you.


So, these were the different types of wine chillers available in the market right now. Now once you are well aware of them, you can easily choose the perfect wine cooler for your bar according to your needs, So, next time when you are planning to buy a new wine chiller, then keep the different types of the chillers and their benefits in mind to get the best product. Just make sure that you know your needs of buying wine chiller and have fixed a budget to buy it.