Best NewAir Wine Cooler Reviews and Buying Guide

NewAir Wine chillers are considered as the best products for the wine lovers who love to keep their favorite wine brands in a safer and cooler place. Apart from being a reliable brand for the wine lovers with numerous useful features, the NewAir Wine coolers have the most vivid range of models that make it a great brand for the wine lovers who want to buy a perfect bar companion for their bars.

As said, the NewAir Wine cooler has numerous brands that you can completely rely on for build quality, features, and cooling. The NewAir Wine coolers are amongst the most trusted brands in the market. So, if you were looking to buy a great looking, easy to use, and efficient wine chiller for yourself, then it is advised that you choose one of the many models of the NewAir Wine cooler.

Now, once you are aware of the common features that make NewAir a great brand to rely on, the next thing is to make a decision about the model. Here are the top three models from the NewAir that you can buy today. Go through these models and choose the one that suits your needs and the budge the most. All these models target different buyers and serve different needs.

Best NewAir Wine Cooler Reviews 2019

As said, the NewAir has numerous models in for the buyers and almost all of them target different buyers and fulfills different needs. It is essential that you choose the best one for your home and get the most suitable wine chiller for your home.  If you aren’t sure that which model of the NewAir Wine chillers, then here is the list of three best NewAir wine cooler you can buy today for your home. Go through them, and buy the one that suits your needs the most.

#1. NewAir AW-280E

For those buyers who are planning to buy the best looking and elegant wine chillers for them which is compact, easy to use and maintain the NewAir AW-280E would be an ideal buy. With the unique design and easy to operate design and a flawlessly designed soft touch LED panel, it is one of the most sorted-out and brilliant looking wine chillers out there under 200 USD.

Here are the best features of the NewAir AW-280E that make it better the rest

  • Decent bottle holding capacity
  • Extremely quiet and vibration-free operation
  • Great temperature range of 54-66F that make it a great chiller for the lovers of chilled wine

So, if you were looking for the best and most beautiful wine chillers for you in a  limited budget, then the NewAir AW-280E would be an ideal buy. GO for it if you are having a limited stock of wine bottles and want to keep them safe and chilled.

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#2. NewAir AWC-270E

In case you are looking to have a compact wine chiller for your home that can be placed in the least possible space without compromising with the number of bottles that it can handle, the NewAir AWC-270E would be a great buy. Unlike the other wine chillers, the NewAir AWC-270E has a unique tall-boy look that occupies relatively lesser space in horizontally.

So, you won’t have to compromise with the space on the bar platform. However, even though the wine chiller is relatively compact than the other chillers of the range, you can easily place 27 wine bottles in it easily without any issues.

Here are the best features of the NewAir AWC-270E that make it one of the best wine chillers in the range.

  • Durable body and beautiful finish
  • Wired racks that hold the wine bottle efficient and help in efficient cooling
  • Blue LED-lit interiors make it feel like a premium product

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#3. NewAir AW-211ED

If you are in love with the unique wooden shelves that look perfect and enhance almost every bar interiors, then the NewAir AWC-211ED would be a great product for you. With the great looking glass doors and chrome finished handle, the NewAir AW-211ED has one of the best looks in the range and the efficient dual zone thermostatic cooling makes it a great buy for the wine lovers.

Here are the unique things of NewAir AW-211ED

  • Easy to use
  • Compact and efficient design
  • Great bottle holding capacity

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Best NewAir Wine Cooler 2019 Buying Guide

Some of the best and unique features that you can expect from the NewAir Wine Coolers are listed as follows. Go through them and know why you should rely on the NewAir Wine coolers for yourself.


The best thing about the NewAir Wine chillers is they are extremely reliable. The different models have different bottle holding capacity and have different features. But in common, they have brilliant reliability. So, if you were looking for a brand that you can rely on completely for features and usability, the NewAir Wine coolers would be the best one for you.

Easy usability

NewAir is a renowned brand for the models that are fairly usable and have useful features that enhance the overall wine cooling experience. The unique features and design that supports these features is the key thing about the NewAir wine coolers. Regardless of the model you are choosing, you can easily get the best quality features and usability enhancements that are unique to the brands and you can’t find them anywhere else in other brands.

So, if you were after the usability, then try buying a model from NewAir, and you will be amazed by the quality and performance of the features.

Modern design

The NewAir wine coolers are also have the best design team and you can expect the best and the most efficient design from the brand. By choosing the NewAir, you can be sure of getting the best and the most efficient coolers that are designed to hold the wine bottles efficiently and cool them with the latest and the most efficient technology that is being introduced to the industry.

So, for all the buyers who are after a wine chiller that has an efficient and modern design that can easily go with your modern bar interiors, the NewAir Chillers would be the best brand to go with.

Brilliant after sales service

As the NewAir is a renowned brand, you can easily rely on it for the brilliant after sales service. The company has some of the best servicemen and techniques to solve the common and severe issues that the buyers face with their products. Moreover, they are extremely easy to contact. You can easily contact the customer care service for the model you have at home and can make it working again in a few days. So, if you were after a reliable customer care service as a deciding factor for the wine chiller, then the NewAir can be one of the brands that you can go for today. So, instead of trying your luck with newer and less popular brands in the market, try relying on the renowned NewAir Wine coolers for your home.

Best value for money

The NewAir wine coolers provide users with the best value for money. Regardless of the model you are buying, you can be assured of getting the high-end build quality, easy to use features, and brilliant services. This way, the company provides you the best-valued product at the price range where you can find many inferior products that the NewAir wine coolers.

NewAir wine coolers provide the users the best quality product at the most affordable So, for the buyers who are looking for the best-valued products for their home that have the reliable cooling, easy maintenance, and brilliant service, the NewAir coolers would be an ideal brand for you.

Industry-leading warranty

Another thing that shows how superior the NewAir wine coolers are is the warranty. Almost all the NewAir wine coolers come with the industry-leading service and warranty. Technically speaking, there are only a few wine chillers that come with a warranty of more than six months, but if you are dealing with the NewAir Chillers, then you can expect to get the warranty of 1-year, that is more than enough for such products.

NewAir wine coolers are one of the most reliable wine coolers that you can buy today. So, try finding the best model for yourself that perfectly suits your need the most and is in your budget.

In all, these were the features that you can be assured of getting while choosing the NewAir wine chiller for yourself. So, if you were after the above-listed in your preferred wine cooler, then we would advise you to choose the model from the NewAir.


These were the reasons why you should buy a wine cooler from the NewAir, and the best models from the brand. So, make sure that you choose the best model for yourself according to your needs and get the best performance oriented wine chiller for your bar. No matter which model you choose from NewAir, you can be sure of getting the best performance and brilliant value for money.

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