Top 5 Best Built-in Wine Coolers 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Wine coolers or chillers are amongst the most essential things that a wine lover wants to have in his home. And although there are numerous types and model of the wine coolers are available in the market, the built-in wine coolers are the most popular one across the range as they look amazing, have great features and are a perfect option for the home bar with limited space option.

So if you were after a reliable and space-efficient wine cooler for your bar, then we would recommend you to go with the brilliant built-in wine chillers that can help you enjoy perfectly chilled wine at home whenever needed.

In this article, we are going to discuss the things that you must keep in mind while purchasing a built-in wine chiller and will talk about the seven best wine coolers 2019 that you can buy this year. So, if you were looking to have a home bar, and couldn’t zero on the wine chillers, then be with us until the end of this article and know about the best options available to you.

Best Built-in (Under Counter) wine coolers reviews 2019

In case you are still not sure that which of the built-in wine cooler would be the right choice for you, then we are listing the five most efficient, popular and reliable options that you can buy this year from the market. So, go through the list of best under counter wine cooler and choose the one that you think is a great choice for you.

#1. AllavinoFlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN

For the buyers who are after a reliable, efficient wine chiller that has the capacity to hold a large number of wine bottles without any space issues, the AllavinoFlexCount’s 56-bottle wine chiller would be an ideal buy. Along with the brilliant capacity, the features like the highly durable build quality, efficient power consumption, and a dual zone digital temperature control make it a great buy for the buyers looking for an ideal wine chiller for their bar.

The thing that makes AllavinoFlexcount 2SSRN different from the other wine chillers in the market, is the build quality and the design that makes it extremely useful and easy to maintain. The Dual-zone temperature control lets the users get the personalized approach to chill the wine bottles.
So, if you were looking for the best value for money and wine chiller that has a great list of feature, the AllavinoFlexCount 2SSRN would be an ideal buy for you.

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#2. NewAir Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler AWR-290DB

For the buyers who are after a compact, easy to use and brilliantly design wine chiller for their bar, the NewAir AWR-290DB would be a great choice. Along with a compact and beautiful design, AWR-290DB also has a great bottle holding capacity of 29 bottles. This makes it a great buy for the buyers who were looking for a chiller with decent looks and a perfect set of features. With a 15 inch width and an overall compact design, the AWR-290DB is a great buy for the buyers who are looking for a perfect wine chiller that can fit in their smaller bar without any performance issue. Also Check best NewAir Wine Coolers

So, if you were looking for a feature-rich and compact wine chiller that will enhance the overall looks of your bar, then you should look no further than the NewAir AWR-209DB.

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#3. Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Chiller

If the durability and efficiency of the wine chiller are the important factors for you, then the Kalamera 24” wine refrigerator would be an ideal choice for you. Apart from the durability, the chiller has numerous other features that make it an ideal choice for the wine lovers who love to have a good quality wine chiller for their bar that looks amazing and works silently in their bar.

The dual-zone temperature control and unique stainless steel body make it a modern looking wine chiller and with the advanced functions like the temperature memory function and silent operation with no vibration, this is the best built-in wine chiller in the category. So, go with it if it suits your needs and budget. Believe, you won’t find any flaw with the performance or build quality of the chiller.

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#4. Kalamera 12” Wine Cooler

For the buyers who occasionally throw a party and have a limited stock of wine bottles or do not have ample space to keep a big size wine chiller at home, the Kalamera 12” wine cooler would be an ideal buy. And apart from the compact dimensions, there is no other thing that has been compromised. The odor prevention carbon filter and attractive design that perfectly goes with the modern interiors are amongst numerous brilliant features of the Kalamera 12” wine chiller.

So, if you were looking for the brilliant buy for your limited collection and space of your bar, the Kalamera 12” wine cooler will be the best choice for you.

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#5. EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

If you were looking for a wine chiller that looks amazing and durable build quality, the EdgeStar 30 Bottle wine chiller would be a great choice. Along with the design, efficient and silent cooling, this wine chiller from EdgeStar is a great choice for the buyers who are after an affordable and capable wine chiller for them. The internal fan ensures that every single bottle inside the chiller gets even cooling.

So, if you were looking for a wine chiller with great design and efficient cooling, you should once try your hands on the EdgeStar 30-bottle built-in wine chiller.

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Best built-in wine cooler 2019 : Buying Guide

If you were searching for an ideal wine chiller for yourself for a while then you will agree with us on the fact the wide range of the wine chillers and the numerous brands associated with it make it a tough task to zero on one chiller that can act as an ideal product for you. However, instead of relying on the dealer’s recommendations, there is one more thing that can help you get the best quality built-in wine cooler for your bar. The thing that we are referring here is the knowledge of the product and knowing the difference between a good and a great wine chiller.

So, read further to know about the most essential and important things that must be kept in mind buying a new built-in wine chiller for your home. Go through them, and find a perfect wine chiller for yourself according to these points.

  • List of features

Make sure that you check for the list of features that you are getting and compare it with the price of the product. By doing this, you can easily look for the product with the most useful set of features and perfect value for money. By having a closer look at the features, you can be assured of choosing an ideal wine chiller for your home. So, whenever you are out for buying a built-in wine chiller, make sure to pay attention to the list of features while buying one for your home.

  • Usability

Another thing that you should consider while purchasing the built-in wine chiller is usability. Make sure that the wine cooler you are planning to buy is extremely easy to use and you can easily use all the features that the wine chiller has to offer. By choosing an easy to use and maintain wine chiller for your home, you can be sure of getting a great chiller that can help you throw a great party for your friends. So, if you love inviting your friends to home and enjoy a few glasses of wine at home, then you should buy a perfect built-in wine chiller for yourself.

  • Brand Name

Choosing a branded product with lots of positive reviews can be a great thing to do if you were looking for are liable and durable wine chiller with a great set of features. By choosing a branded product, you can be assured of getting the best-in-class warranty, service, and durability. Also, by choosing a branded product, you can be sure of getting best-in-class technology. So, if you were looking the efficiency, then instead of falling for cheaper and newer brands available in the market with lesser or bad reviews, we would recommend you to go with a good quality branded wine chillers.

  • Temperature range

Another brilliant thing that you should consider while choosing a wine chiller is the temperature range. As we the wine chillers operate at different temperature and that’s the reason why you should choose the one suits your needs the best. Also, if you were looking for more flexibility, you can buy the wine chiller with dual zone temperature control that not only enhances the overall usability of the chiller but also provides you better management while placing the wine bottles. So make sure to check the temperature range of the chiller before buying it for your home.

  • Efficiency

The last important thing that must be considered while buying wine chiller is efficiency. It is essential that you choose a wine chiller that not only keeps the wine bottles chilled forever but also uses the power efficiently. As the wine chillers are needed to be operated for a longer time, it is essential for you as a buyer that you choose the right wine chiller that efficiently uses the power and provides you the best value for money.

So these were the five points that can help you buy the best and the most suitable built-in wine cooler for your bar. So, make sure to consider them while buying a new chiller for your home.


In all, if you were looking for a space saver, efficient wine chiller for your bar that will enhance the usability and practicality of the bar, you should look forward to buying the built-in wine cooler for yourself. To find a perfect one, you can either choose one of the above-listed products or use the buyer’s guide to find a perfect built-in wine chiller for your bar. Just make sure that the chiller you are planning to buy is perfect for your bar and is in your budget.

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