Belwares Wine Cooler Review: A Complete Cellar with a Host of Innovative Features

Artificial wine cellars are in fashion and individuals who prefer storing wines often try to get the best product for their office and households. However, eventually it all comes to the price point and the set of features justifying the tag. This is where the Belwares Wine Cooler comes into the scheme of things as it’s equipped with some of the most promising features in the market, including excellent temperature range, stylish aesthetics, zero operational noise, and many more. 

belwares wine cooler review

Why the Belwares Wine Cooler review is even necessary?

Needless to say, the Belwares Wine Cooler is probably the best product for separating white and red wines in separate zones and at optimal temperature. Moreover, the cooling technology in play is exciting and equally efficient. This is why reviewing the Belwares Wine Cooler is necessary as individuals must identify this piece of innovation and make purchase decisions accordingly. We would now be segregating the feature sets on the basis of few metrics and readers can then make decisions, accordingly.

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This free-standing wine cooler makes sure that one can store almost 12 regular sized bottles without having to worry about temperature inadequacies, depositions, and sediment formation. The storage capacity is quite good for the existing price point and the best part is that wine bottle spacing in this device is exceptional to say the least. 

Storage Conditions

When it comes to the chassis, the wine cooler flaunts a curved door that is made up of glass. Moreover, it also has a control panel placed at the top. The best thing about the Belwares Wine Cooler is that it is strictly countertop and can be placed almost anywhere. Moreover, the storage conditions are such that the wine retains its flavour for the longest possible time. Last but not least, the Belwares Wine Cooler also features a thermal pane which acts like a shield between the UV rays and the wine bottles; thereby maintaining the perfect temperature. 


Despite being a single zone entity, this device features a decent temperature range of 54 to 66 degree Fahrenheit which is quite remarkable for wines. Most importantly, the thermoelectric cooling mechanism is such that even the higher temperatures are maintained for longer periods of time; thereby keeping the optimal taste of the wines, intact. In addition to that, there is a built-in temperature controller that allows individuals to customize temperature based on the preferences.

Operational Noise, if any

This is a low noise and low vibration making device which is only possible due to the thermoelectric cooling technology. Therefore, it is possible to accommodate this device into any office space and even household as there would be zero noise interference.


This device is priced at 170 dollars and can be purchased via credible online channels. While all the mentioned features justify the otherwise nominal price point, it is the smoked glass pane that makes all the difference. 

Other Utilities

While we have already talked about almost every essential feature associated with the Belwares Wine Cooler, it is also necessary to consider the impeccable technology that the company has introduced for hindering wine oxidation and taste changes. Moreover, this is the only device in the market that maintains the most stable temperature for wines, regardless of the color.

Are there other variants available from the same company?

At present, only this variant of the Belwares Wine Cooler is available online and that too in clear and black colored options. 


Belwares Wine Cooler is a great addition to a household as this device is capable of maintaining the most optimal wine temperature and can even store up to 12 bottles and even 30 cans. However, the temperature range is only suitable for wines and other beverages shouldn’t be stored in this artificial cellar. 

Belwares Wine Cooler

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • Efficient cooling based on thermoelectric technology
  • Extended temperature range
  • Minimum noise and vibration
  • Extremely aesthetic


  • Storage size might be an issue for bigger households

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