Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Wine coolers were often thought of as a uber-luxury item previously. But things have changed recently and it has changed for good. The thing about wine is that it needs to be protected if you don’t want it to go bad. And for that what better way than a wine cooler. Wine cooler is one of the marvels as they help keep the wine chilled and refrigerated.


Avanti Wine Cooler

Previously wine coolers used to come along in a heavy build and used to take a load of space. But times have changed for good. And they have reduced drastically to a smaller one which in turn has reduced the price of them. And further has reduced the process of wine cooling with the lesser time required.

Wine coolers have changed quite a hand these days. They have undergone quite a changes and now come with the new generation technology which bears the use of thermo-electric cooler for the chilling. Rather than the compressor system, these ones equipped with thermo-electric comes with lesser noise factor and vibration sounds.

Wine coolers also come in different variety and capacity. Ideally, you’d find wine coolers with a capacity ranging from 12 wine bottles to 30 wine bottles. Here we take upon the Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler and review it for you. Read along as we unearth information about this wine cooler.

Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

One of the best things about this cooler is the performance factor of this one. Avanti EWC1601B is one of the most perfect pieces of wine coolers in this capacity and lets you rest your mind from the temperature accuracy issues that might come with other wine chillers around.

This one equipped with 16 wine bottle capacity is one of the most popularly growing wine coolers around. It also comes with an appealing look and has compact and steady levels of performance. It Also bears the smart generation thing as like that of interior blush illumination exuberating from the glass door and the ambiance of it. It’s sure to give your house a gracious feel.

Let’s find out more about this one down below in our detailed briefing.


Design is one of the most vital parts of the wine cooler and is it what provides the grace. And this wine cooler is made with that factor in mind. It comes with an ideal dimension of 19 x 17 x 20.2 inches and weighs around 27 pounds. It seems pretty lightweight but is ideally quite compact and is ideal for the small apartment and house.

It comes with an all-black look with a glass door.The glass door on this one puts on show the wine bottles that are kept inside and portrays a beautiful looking design. It comes with a reversible door so suits the needs of both the left-handed and the right-handed people.

It is slightly bigger than the previous generation model from Avanti which could only store 12 wine bottles at once. It also allows you to store the bottles vertically if that’s what your choices are. It works perfectly for those who would like to store their wine bottles along and take a sip every now and then.

It has 3 slide-out chrome plated metal shelves that are placedinside this cooler which helps store the wine bottles.It also comes with pretty good insulation factor and doesn’t compromise on the design aspect at all. There are interior LED lights that allow you to view the inside of this cooler and it also comes with a UV protected glass door.


This one from Avanti comes with thermostat based cooling feature and has way lesser noise level than that of the normal compressor-based wine coolers. It comes with a silent, vibration-free feature and has an eco-friendly functionality. And furthermore, there are no CFC of HCFC coolants inside this making it only a few of the wine cooler with such feature.

It allows for the temperature management with the use of manual thermostat which can be changed by the knob that is mounted on the top of the right-hand corner. It comes with an adjusted cooling temperature between 51 to 62 degree Fahrenheit. This knob can be set to three different cooling temperature as Min, Med, and Max along with the Off mode. Using it for the first time, it is advised that you use the Max option where it would give you better cooling and then revert to the Med which has a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


One of the best things about this one is the use of thermostat as that gives way to the lethargic and old vibrating system of compressor-based. This one offers silent based service and is ideal for home and apartment. There’s also the availability of the manual thermostat which makes it ideal to suit it up to the required temperature as per the need. And another thing to note about it is the presence of the LED light inside that illuminates the entire cooler from the inside giving way to a beautiful all-black wine cooler.


It comes with an ideal dimension of 19 x17 x 20.2 inches which suits up perfectly for a small apartment or a home. It weighs in just 27 pounds making it a lightweight piece that can be placed in your home.


If you’re on the lookout for the perfect piece of wine cooler that could suit your needs, then this one certainly meets all the criteria. Powered with the thermostat this one offers silent based cooling. It’s adjustable cooling modes also provides the option to chill the wines as per the need of the consumer. This one is also well-equipped to design wise and provides a way to a good bit of décor for the home.

If there’s one thing that wins hands down for this one, it’s the design aspect and the performance of it. It ideally keeps the temperature at the required levels and gives optimum performance over time. It is also ideally sized and thus has the right bit of size to be placed in a small apartment. And this one tends to last long which is what we all look for during the purchase of wine coolers. It also comes with a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase making it an ideal purchase for wine enthusiasts.

Avanti Wine Cooler

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  • Features thermostat-based cooling which is silent and more effective than the compressor ones
  • Ideal size for small homes and apartment and equally lightweight.
  • Comes with a storage of 16 wine bottles which is more than its previous 12-wine bottle cooler
  • Has a manual based adjustable thermostat to base the cooling as required
  • Led lighting placed inside which illuminates the inside cabinet.
  • One of the best-designed wine coolers available in the market.


  • 16-bottles may seem low for a large household or a large apartment.
  • The temperature can be adjusted unknowingly

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