Avanti 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

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If you are a wine enthusiast, then you would know that it is important to store your wine carefully, since exposing the same to varied temperatures can alter the taste, the flavor and can even cause a wine to go ‘bad’.

If you are interested in stocking up your home with some of the finest gourmet wines, then you need to make sure that you have the right place to store it in. Assuming that your residence does not come with a wine cellar on the ready, you can check out Avanti 18 bottle dual zone wine cooler.

Wine coolers, the necessity

Chances are that this would be the first time you are planning to stock up your residence with a few gourmet wines. You may have wondered about the need for purchasing a wine cooler since you already have a refrigerator.

It would make more sense to create some space in your refrigerator to store your wine, right? No, that’s a bad idea, since your refrigerator is exposed to various food odors; they would affect the flavor of your wine.

It is vital that you store your wine in a wine cooler, one which is insulated from all odors, and fluctuating temperatures. A preferable wine cooler would be one with a dual zone, one for the whites and the other for the reds.

It is important that you understand the fact that white wine and red wine need to be stored at different temperatures, and hence the need for a dual zone wine cooler like Avanti.

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Avanti 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review


Avanti 18 bottle dual zone wine cooler comes with an eclectic design that makes it stand out for the right reasons. It is sleek, and comes in elegant black with a metal trim; it certainly looks aesthetically outstanding.

The cooler also comes with a stylish glass designed door which should enable you to view the contents of the wine cooler without having to open it up often. Furthermore, it also comes with a built in LED light which should help you to view the contents of your wine cooler.

The whole ensemble is perfect and should help complement your kitchen. It also comes with some beautiful metal chrome shelves which can be pulled out with ease. This is a free standing unit, which you can safely set in any room of your home. Just make sure that you do not place it near open sunlight.

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Avanti Wine Cooler Review


The wine cooler certainly looks stylishly designed and comes with some fantastic features, including its dual zone setting which should enable you to store your whites and reds separately. It also happens to come with a beautiful finish, which makes for a sleek and stylish appearance.

This wine cooler happens to come with a stylish front door glass panel, which enables you to check the contents of your cooler without any hassle.

It comes with two cabinets that you can set at different temperatures; furthermore, you can store six bottles in the top and 12 at the bottom (standard wine bottles). It comes with both temperature and humidity control so you can ensure that your wine is stored at the optimal temperatures and that the wine corks do not dry out either.

It also happens to come with precision cooling system thanks to its thermoelectric features; furthermore, it also comes with an LED display at the front, which should display the temperature, humidity levels of your wine cooler. And you can also use the same to set it at optimal levels; do remember that you need to store your white and red wines at different temperatures to retain that original taste and flavor.

This wine cooler is well insulated and forms a tight seal to prevent any odors from leaking in, and in the process, it stores your wine effectively at optimal temperatures so that your wine is crisp, fresh and delicious to taste. Moreover, it comes with auto defrost, so you would not have to defrost the wine cooler manually.

Apart from adjusting the temperature in your wine cooler, you can also set it to display the same in Celsius or Fahrenheit with the help of the touch screen buttons on the LED display unit.

What’s more, this wine cooler does not come with any vibrations nor does it cause any noise pollution either. If you are on the lookout for a highly functional wine cooler, one that can help you store both your whites and reds, then you definitely need to take a closer look at Avanti.


This wine cooler is a thermo electric one and it would definitely not consume much power as it is; it is thermo electric and it also happens to come with ventilation fans inside the wine cooler.  In fact, it is a free standing unit that you can place in any part of your home.

Size specs:

The Avanti 18- bottle cooler comes with a weight of 41 lbs, so you should be able to transport it easily from one side of the room to the other. It also comes with the following size specifications as well; 22 x 13.8 x 28.5 inches. It is small, elegant and comes with a perfect finish as well.


Compared to some of the other dual zone thermoelectric wine coolers out there, this model is attractively priced. You should be able to purchase it without much hassle, and use the same to store your wine right away.  It’s time to check out some of the pros and cons of Avanti 18-bottle wine cooler.

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Wine and food:

Gourmet wine is the perfect accompaniment to any food, any cuisine –the challenge though lies in determining which wine goes for what food and to pair it accordingly.

And if you are planning to serve wine for your guests, then you need to know that unlike red wine, white wine tends to be delicate. Even storing it at room temperatures for prolonged periods can cause it to go ‘vinegary’.

That’s why; you have to serve your white wine, chilled at the optimal temperatures, to your guests straight from the wine cooler. Red wine on the other hand, can be kept standing at room temperatures, and then de-corked.

Just remember that you need to store your white wines and reds at optimal temperatures; If you are keen on serving your guests with some outstanding wine as well as food, then you may want to consider investing in a wine cooler.


Wine coolers are no longer a luxury buy; they are more of a necessity now. It is important that you understand the basic premise that all wine must be stored at right temperatures, to preserve its taste and flavor.

And while there are quite a few wine coolers out there, Avanti 18 bottle wine cooler manages to surpass most of them on terms of its functionality, its look, and its price as well. And of course, you should also check put the product reviews and you would find that Avanti 18 bottle wine cooler stands out for the right reasons.

Avanti Wine Cooler

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  • It comes with an attractive and elegant design with a metal trim on black, which is sure to get your attention right away.
  • It is thermo electric and does not consume power; it does not vibrate nor does it emit any loud noise, while functioning.
  • It comes with dual zone temperatures; you can set the temperatures for each zone at optimal levels for storing your white wines and red wines respectively.
  • It comes with both temperature and humidity control, and it also happens to feature a touch screen LED panel, with display in the front.
  • It comes with some fantastic chrome shelves that can be pulled out and you can stack your wine bottles in them with ease.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain; additionally, the chrome shelves can be completely pulled out so you should be able to clean the same with ease.
  • You can use the two shelves for storing your whites and reds; or you can just use the top layer for your opened bottles of wine and the lower tray for your ‘yet to be opened’ bottles.
  • It comes with an attractive price tag.


  • One of the downsides to this model is that it lacks any built in lock functionality which can be a drawback. Essentially that means that anyone can open your wine cooler, including your kids. So you may have to pay up for additional accessories such as a strong and durable lock for your wine cooler.
  • The other drawback to this cooler is that its core functionality depends on the ambient temperature of the room it is stored in. It can at most, cool down your wine by 25 degrees from that of room temperature.

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