Avanti 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

Best Avanti Wine Coolers 2019

If you are a wine enthusiast, then you would know that it is important to store your wine carefully, since exposing the same to varied temperatures can alter the taste, the flavor and can even cause a wine to go ‘bad’.

If you are interested in stocking up your home with some of the finest gourmet wines, then you need to make sure that you have the right place to store it in. Assuming that your residence does not come with a wine cellar on the ready, you can check out Avanti 18 bottle dual zone wine cooler.

Wine coolers, the necessity

Chances are that this would be the first time you are planning to stock up your residence with a few gourmet wines. You may have wondered about the need for purchasing a wine cooler since you already have a refrigerator.

It would make more sense to create some space in your refrigerator to store your wine, right? No, that’s a bad idea, since your refrigerator is exposed to various food odors; they would affect the flavor of your wine.

It is vital that you store your wine in a wine cooler, one which is insulated from all odors, and fluctuating temperatures. A preferable wine cooler would be one with a dual zone, one for the whites and the other for the reds.

It is important that you understand the fact that white wine and red wine need to be stored at different temperatures, and hence the need for a dual zone wine cooler like Avanti.

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Avanti 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review


Avanti 18 bottle dual zone wine cooler comes with an eclectic design that makes it stand out for the right reasons. It is sleek, and comes in elegant black with a metal trim; it certainly looks aesthetically outstanding.

The cooler also comes with a stylish glass designed door which should enable you to view the contents of the wine cooler without having to open it up often. Furthermore, it also comes with a built in LED light which should help you to view the contents of your wine cooler.

The whole ensemble is perfect and should help complement your kitchen. It also comes with some beautiful metal chrome shelves which can be pulled out with ease. This is a free standing unit, which you can safely set in any room of your home. Just make sure that you do not place it near open sunlight.

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Avanti Wine Cooler Review


The wine cooler certainly looks stylishly designed and comes with some fantastic features, including its dual zone setting which should enable you to store your whites and reds separately. It also happens to come with a beautiful finish, which makes for a sleek and stylish appearance.

This wine cooler happens to come with a stylish front door glass panel, which enables you to check the contents of your cooler without any hassle.

It comes with two cabinets that you can set at different temperatures; furthermore, you can store six bottles in the top and 12 at the bottom (standard wine bottles). It comes with both temperature and humidity control so you can ensure that your wine is stored at the optimal temperatures and that the wine corks do not dry out either.

It also happens to come with precision cooling system thanks to its thermoelectric features; furthermore, it also comes with an LED display at the front, which should display the temperature, humidity levels of your wine cooler. And you can also use the same to set it at optimal levels; do remember that you need to store your white and red wines at different temperatures to retain that original taste and flavor.

This wine cooler is well insulated and forms a tight seal to prevent any odors from leaking in, and in the process, it stores your wine effectively at optimal temperatures so that your wine is crisp, fresh and delicious to taste. Moreover, it comes with auto defrost, so you would not have to defrost the wine cooler manually.

Apart from adjusting the temperature in your wine cooler, you can also set it to display the same in Celsius or Fahrenheit with the help of the touch screen buttons on the LED display unit.

What’s more, this wine cooler does not come with any vibrations nor does it cause any noise pollution either. If you are on the lookout for a highly functional wine cooler, one that can help you store both your whites and reds, then you definitely need to take a closer look at Avanti.


This wine cooler is a thermo electric one and it would definitely not consume much power as it is; it is thermo electric and it also happens to come with ventilation fans inside the wine cooler.  In fact, it is a free standing unit that you can place in any part of your home.

Size specs:

The Avanti 18- bottle cooler comes with a weight of 41 lbs, so you should be able to transport it easily from one side of the room to the other. It also comes with the following size specifications as well; 22 x 13.8 x 28.5 inches. It is small, elegant and comes with a perfect finish as well.


Compared to some of the other dual zone thermoelectric wine coolers out there, this model is attractively priced. You should be able to purchase it without much hassle, and use the same to store your wine right away.  It’s time to check out some of the pros and cons of Avanti 18-bottle wine cooler.

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Wine and food:

Gourmet wine is the perfect accompaniment to any food, any cuisine –the challenge though lies in determining which wine goes for what food and to pair it accordingly.

And if you are planning to serve wine for your guests, then you need to know that unlike red wine, white wine tends to be delicate. Even storing it at room temperatures for prolonged periods can cause it to go ‘vinegary’.

That’s why; you have to serve your white wine, chilled at the optimal temperatures, to your guests straight from the wine cooler. Red wine on the other hand, can be kept standing at room temperatures, and then de-corked.

Just remember that you need to store your white wines and reds at optimal temperatures; If you are keen on serving your guests with some outstanding wine as well as food, then you may want to consider investing in a wine cooler.


Wine coolers are no longer a luxury buy; they are more of a necessity now. It is important that you understand the basic premise that all wine must be stored at right temperatures, to preserve its taste and flavor.

And while there are quite a few wine coolers out there, Avanti 18 bottle wine cooler manages to surpass most of them on terms of its functionality, its look, and its price as well. And of course, you should also check put the product reviews and you would find that Avanti 18 bottle wine cooler stands out for the right reasons.

Wine 101 : A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Temperatures and Wine Cooling

When it comes to gourmet wines, you would be surprised to learn that most of the wine is actually made from specific wine grapes. It is a common assumption that most people make, regarding table grapes. Table grapes are larger, whereas wine grapes are smaller and the former rarely contains seeds while the later does contain a few seeds. These grapes are harvested at specific  periods of the year, and then they are crushed, after which the juice is collected, and undergoes several processes including fermentation. Most of the wine produced commercially is left to age in wooden barrels after which it is broached and the wine tasted. Then the wine in question is ready to be sold all over the world. More often than not, most first time buyers have little knowledge about the process regarding wine production and even less on wine temperatures and wine cooling.

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Wine and the right temperature for it

The first thing that you need to know is that all wine, be it red, white or rose are all stored at the same temperature. It does not matter which part of the world the wine is produced at, but when it comes to storing it, you need a cool, dark place to store the various bottles. This is one of the reasons why most cellars were often used by wine connoisseurs to store their wine bottles

And if you are getting ready to entertain some guests, you can always bring up a few bottles and store the same in the refrigerator. The one mistake that a few people often make is that they end up serving their wine at the wrong temperature. Different wines react differently to temperature so here’s a quick tip as far as serving wine goes –

  • Full bodied red wines such as Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon – Anywhere from 64F
  • Dry white wines such as Chardonnay and Chablis – Between 48-52F
  • Pinot Noir – 60-64F
  • Champagne and other sparkling wines – 40F
  • Other dry white wines such as Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc – 45-48F

If your guests are going to arrive in 5 minutes, then you can take the red wine out of the refrigerator, so that it reaches room temperature before serving it to your guests. And the white wine, you can remove it from the refrigerator, just before serving the same. It is important that you serve your wine at the right temperature otherwise it could go bad, quite easily.

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Wine Coolers and the need for the same

Since you have just started to enjoy gourmet wine, you may want to invest in a wine cooler. Think of a wine cooler as a mini cellar, one that stores your wine for you at optimal temperatures. Moreover,  it is not a good idea to store all your wine in the refrigerator. There are various wine coolers to choose from, from budget ones at $100, with the premium ones costing a lot more. It all comes down to the sort of wine cooler that you are going for, so check out a few things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a wine cooler.

  • Space: So, you do not have a cellar to store your wine in and in which case, you would need a wine cooler. You can go for the budget ones or get a mid-sized wine cooler installed in your kitchen. There are a few coolers that even offer you dual temperature control for your whites and reds, but as mentioned earlier, you can store all your wine at the same temperature.
  • Cost: Smaller sized wine coolers cost around $100 but the cost goes up, as you opt for larger wine coolers that come with added functionality. For example, a few wine coolers offer dual temperature controls for the whites and reds. Apart from this, a few even come with LED lighting, temperature displays, and even rack materials for storing your wine bottles. It depends on your budget and you can choose the right wine cooler that fits in with the same.
  • Temperature: The optimal time to store your wine at would be 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit. You need not store your white wines and red wines separately and can use the same temperature to store them at. It is only when you are serving the wine that you need to take care, with red wine being served at room temperature and white, slightly chilled.
  • Storing at the right temperature: One of the benefits of the wine cooler is to safely store your wine for you at the right temperature. You can always remove the bottle from your refrigerator and start using the wine cooler since it enables you to store the wine at the optimal temperature. You may not be able to use this setting in your fridge, especially with other food items which is why it makes sense to use a wine cooler, even a budget one to store your bottles of wine.


When you are serving wine to your guests during dinner and you have some leftover wine, you can store the same, after you have tried removing most of the air from the bottle. The reasoning  is simple, wine interacts with air and once it has been opened, it will soon spoil which is why keeping the bottle sealed and removing the extra air from the bottle may actually help the wine in question, last longer.

Best Wine Rack 2019

When it comes to purchasing wines, you may want to avoid those discount stores since the wine may not be as expected. Instead, check out the brand, see if it has gotten reviews from other wine connoisseurs and then, see if you can get a free taste (sample), before purchasing it.  You can always head on a wine trip; visit some of the local vineyards where they would be more than happy to let you sample their vintage. Then you can decide if you like it well enough to purchase a few bottles. But remember to store them in your cellar or your wine cooler, once you get back.

Wine Cooler Options – Top 5 Products For The First Time Buyers

Wine coolers are easy to buy online as well as offline. You can find plenty of models at a local store or online but the question pings in mind is that which one is perfect for your need. Due to this reason, most of the people take a too long time to buy a wine cooler. Even, some people skip the idea of purchase due to such reasons.

Jumping to the popular designs and their quality factors can ease up the work which makes you spend more but get great satisfaction. People with tight budget can’t hop on such ideas that’s why this guide is here to let you know the important factors and tell you the top five wine coolers based on features, effectiveness, energy efficiency and affordability factors.

Types of Wine Coolers

As you are looking for Wine Cooler Options then you must choose between two types. Compressor and thermoelectric wine coolers are designed for the same purpose but they have a pretty good difference to check out. It is not about the quality and such other factors, but it is about how they preserve the quality of your wine.

  • Compressor-Based Wine Coolers

No doubt that compressor is common among all the household refrigerator and it is known for long term warranty offers but why you should choose this type over thermoelectric? Well, the pros are –

  • These are cheaper in price, you can call it an affordable choice.
  • Easily available and loved by almost every buyer due to accuracy.
  • Comes with some basic features like temperature adjustment and LED lights.

However, there are a bunch of cons making it a bad choice. The number of cons varies with the model but few common cons are –

  • Consume higher energy which makes it a poor choice.
  • Take time to cool to the accurate temperature you set.
  • Always have a vibration in the entire body which can ruin wine’s quality.
  • Thermoelectric Based Wine Coolers

Needless to mention but you can expect that these are a bit costly from the previous type due to the use of the latest technology. The pros are –

  • Highly energy efficient which saves you money on electricity bills.
  • Comes with a long-term guarantee of thermoelectric mechanism.
  • Negligible vibration in the body of cooler help preserving the quality.
  • Cool down at a faster rate which make the perfect condition for wine.

Apart from the pros, there are fewer number of cons which can be a topic of concern for people with a tight budget –

  • Cost higher amount and the maintenance cost is also high.
  • Hard to find genuine replacements for the faulty products.

Temperature Zones and Importance

After considering the cooling technology, it is better to look after the temperature zones for the same. There are three types of wine coolers which are as follow –

  • Single Zone Wine Cooler– There is a single space for the bottles where you can keep a single type of wines. Most of the people with taste will prefer this zone over the other ones.
  • Dual Zone Wine Cooler – If you like to collect two types of Merlot then you can prefer a dual zone wine cooler. There are two different spaces to place wines and you can differently set the temperature for each.
  • Multi-zone Wine Coolers – Merlots of three or more types may require different temperature settings to preserve the quality. Due to this reason, you should prefer multi-zone wine coolers.

The purpose of different zoning is to preserve the quality of the wine. If you want to keep the quality high then you should stay selective and focus on these major factors to eradicate all the issues. Make sure that you start with a budget and then focus on the rest of the factors which will ease up the work for sure.

Top Five Best Wine Cooler Options For Beginners

Mentioning all the high-end models here and claiming that these are the best one to prefer is a foolish thing. Everyone knows that expensive price tag brings a ton of feature, great after sale services and lot more things. But, as this guide is for budget range product for the first-time buyers, so we are mentioning the best wine coolers available at an affordable price point. We made a list of top five single zone wine coolers. Have a look at all of them and consider your need during the purchase to ease up the work –

#1. Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler – Model EWC1201

As you hit any of the e-commerce websites and punch out “wine coolers” you will get plenty of options. The storage options start from eight bottles and go up to 150 bottles. A first-time buyer can opt for eight but it may seem like a bad move because the temptation to increase collection will raise.

So, you should go with the 12-bottle version from Avanti. Being the single zone wine cooler with storage for four bottles in vertical and eight in horizontal position makes it the best one in all kind. The brand credibility helps with the after sale services and you can expect quality maintenance from the manufacturer.

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As it is a thermoelectric wine cooler, so it will vibrate at a minimal rate which is hard to notice. This thing can help in preserving the quality of the wine. Let’s check out the pros and cons –

Pros –

  • Ability to store 12 bottles.
  • Touch capacitive buttons for temperature
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Get the complete insider view from the glass.
  • Highly energy efficient and reliable.
  • Small LED to display temperature settings

Cons –

  • Maintenance cost is significantly higher.
  • Mixed negative reviews about faulty deliveries.

Overall Thought

A good design with premium built is surely a remarkable product and you can expect all the qualities from this product expect the costly maintenance.

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#2. Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler

A wine cooler with the ability to cool two different types of wine is like aiming two targets with one arrow. This wine cooler is from Ivation which can store 18 bottles and it is capable of cooling red and white wine at the same time.

Even though it is a best single zone wine cooler, it has the feature to maintain temperature for both types. All the bottles will be stored in a horizontal position and you can have a clear look at all the bottles inside. The design is simple and there are capacitive touch buttons on the top to adjust temperature and other things.

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As it is freestanding wine cooler, so it might be a little heavy but it has plenty of pros to make it better from others.

Pros –

  • Store 18 wine bottles of different sizes.
  • You can store red and white wine at the same time.
  • Easy to control capacitive touch buttons.
  • Small LED to tell the accurate temperature of inside.
  • Doesn’t cause much vibration.
  • It is known for silent working technology.

Cons –

  • Comes at bit expensive price point as compared to the others.
  • Not best to preserve red and white wine together for a long time.

Overall thought

To store a single type of wine and getting the utmost silent working, this 18-bottle wine cooler is great for beginners. But, if you want to store red and white wine together for a long time then be careful.

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#3. Thermal Electric 8 Bottle Wine Cellar

Recommending small storage for wine cooler surely seems like the bad choice but if you are serious about having a tiny collection then Thermal Electric 8 Bottle Wine Cellar/cooler is best in all kind. You can store the same sized bottles and without a single issue.

There are upper models also but this one offer better value for money for the price. It has a thermal range from 46 degrees to 66 degrees allowing you to store red, white and other Merlots. Make sure that you store a single type of wine.

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The pros of having this wine cooler are –

Pros –

  • Offer 46 degree to 66 Degrees temperature range for wine.
  • Store 8 wine bottles of standard size without any issue.
  • Grey tinted glass to have an insider view from the close look.
  • It is considered as the most affordable product for the price.

Cons –

  • The design seems premium but built of lower quality metal.
  • Hard to store unusually sized wine bottles.

Overall Thought

For the price, this product is hard to compete. You can store champagne and beer in it. But, if you want to store big bottles and expend storage in future then this might disappoint you.

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#4. Magic Chef MCWC12B Black 12-Bottle Wine cooler

Back to the standard size for the first-time buyer, Magic Chef MCWC12B Black 12-Bottle wine cooler is a great choice. You get three touch capacitive buttons with this wine cooler and you can easily operate this wine cooler.

Setting the temperature is also easy and you have a small LED light to turn on and off with a single button. All the bottles are easy to store and you can go for an unusual size also. There is glass to window to get a complete insider view so you can find it helpful.

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Pros –

  • Store more than 12 bottles without any issue.
  • Black door enhances the design and looks.
  • Touch capacitive buttons to control temp.
  • LED display to show the exact temperature.

Cons –

  • Lower temperature range which is 54ºF – 66ºF.
  • Mixed reviews about maintenance quality.

Overall Thought

Those who want affordable 12 bottle wine cooler for red, white and such other merlots which require 54ºF – the 66ºF temperature can prefer it without any issue.

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#5. NutriChef PKTEWC120 Nutrichef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The last wine cooler to nail this list is NutriChef PKTEWC120 Nutrichef which is popular due to super quite working. You can easily buy this wine cooler online and the capacity of 12 bottles offer enough room for your need.

Storing red and white wine is easy. Personally, I have used it to store champagne also and it works great that’s why you can prefer this wine cooler over other ones. You get LED Lights inside the fridge to make it look better in the night time. You get plenty of pros with this wine cooler.

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Pros –

  • Easy to Install because it is freestanding wine cooler.
  • Comes with 12 bottle capacity; 4 vertical, eight horizontals.
  • A reinforced glass door provides an insider view.
  • Four capacitive touch buttons to adjust temperature and all.
  • You can easily fit unusually sized bottles in this fridge.

Cons –

  • Seems little bit pricy as compared to others.
  • The dimensions are a little bit large to place.

Overall Thought

Despite all the pros, this product seems a little expensive for the features. If you love the design and all the great things then it is a reliable product for sure.

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In a nutshell, a good wine cooler is reliable, easy to maintain, handy, energy efficient, effective and comes at your budget. Always decide a good budget and then you are good to go with them. Hope, this guide about best wine cooler for beginner will help you eradicate all the issues and choosing the best budget range wine cooler in the market.

Top 5 Best Built-in Wine Coolers 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Wine coolers or chillers are amongst the most essential things that a wine lover wants to have in his home. And although there are numerous types and model of the wine coolers are available in the market, the built-in wine coolers are the most popular one across the range as they look amazing, have great features and are a perfect option for the home bar with limited space option.

So if you were after a reliable and space-efficient wine cooler for your bar, then we would recommend you to go with the brilliant built-in wine chillers that can help you enjoy perfectly chilled wine at home whenever needed.

In this article, we are going to discuss the things that you must keep in mind while purchasing a built-in wine chiller and will talk about the seven best wine coolers 2019 that you can buy this year. So, if you were looking to have a home bar, and couldn’t zero on the wine chillers, then be with us until the end of this article and know about the best options available to you.

Best Built-in (Under Counter) wine coolers reviews 2019

In case you are still not sure that which of the built-in wine cooler would be the right choice for you, then we are listing the five most efficient, popular and reliable options that you can buy this year from the market. So, go through the list of best under counter wine cooler and choose the one that you think is a great choice for you.

#1. AllavinoFlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN

For the buyers who are after a reliable, efficient wine chiller that has the capacity to hold a large number of wine bottles without any space issues, the AllavinoFlexCount’s 56-bottle wine chiller would be an ideal buy. Along with the brilliant capacity, the features like the highly durable build quality, efficient power consumption, and a dual zone digital temperature control make it a great buy for the buyers looking for an ideal wine chiller for their bar.

The thing that makes AllavinoFlexcount 2SSRN different from the other wine chillers in the market, is the build quality and the design that makes it extremely useful and easy to maintain. The Dual-zone temperature control lets the users get the personalized approach to chill the wine bottles.
So, if you were looking for the best value for money and wine chiller that has a great list of feature, the AllavinoFlexCount 2SSRN would be an ideal buy for you.

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#2. NewAir Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler AWR-290DB

For the buyers who are after a compact, easy to use and brilliantly design wine chiller for their bar, the NewAir AWR-290DB would be a great choice. Along with a compact and beautiful design, AWR-290DB also has a great bottle holding capacity of 29 bottles. This makes it a great buy for the buyers who were looking for a chiller with decent looks and a perfect set of features. With a 15 inch width and an overall compact design, the AWR-290DB is a great buy for the buyers who are looking for a perfect wine chiller that can fit in their smaller bar without any performance issue. Also Check best NewAir Wine Coolers

So, if you were looking for a feature-rich and compact wine chiller that will enhance the overall looks of your bar, then you should look no further than the NewAir AWR-209DB.

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#3. Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Chiller

If the durability and efficiency of the wine chiller are the important factors for you, then the Kalamera 24” wine refrigerator would be an ideal choice for you. Apart from the durability, the chiller has numerous other features that make it an ideal choice for the wine lovers who love to have a good quality wine chiller for their bar that looks amazing and works silently in their bar.

The dual-zone temperature control and unique stainless steel body make it a modern looking wine chiller and with the advanced functions like the temperature memory function and silent operation with no vibration, this is the best built-in wine chiller in the category. So, go with it if it suits your needs and budget. Believe, you won’t find any flaw with the performance or build quality of the chiller.

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#4. Kalamera 12” Wine Cooler

For the buyers who occasionally throw a party and have a limited stock of wine bottles or do not have ample space to keep a big size wine chiller at home, the Kalamera 12” wine cooler would be an ideal buy. And apart from the compact dimensions, there is no other thing that has been compromised. The odor prevention carbon filter and attractive design that perfectly goes with the modern interiors are amongst numerous brilliant features of the Kalamera 12” wine chiller.

So, if you were looking for the brilliant buy for your limited collection and space of your bar, the Kalamera 12” wine cooler will be the best choice for you.

Buy now at Amazon

#5. EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

If you were looking for a wine chiller that looks amazing and durable build quality, the EdgeStar 30 Bottle wine chiller would be a great choice. Along with the design, efficient and silent cooling, this wine chiller from EdgeStar is a great choice for the buyers who are after an affordable and capable wine chiller for them. The internal fan ensures that every single bottle inside the chiller gets even cooling.

So, if you were looking for a wine chiller with great design and efficient cooling, you should once try your hands on the EdgeStar 30-bottle built-in wine chiller.

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Best built-in wine cooler 2019 : Buying Guide

If you were searching for an ideal wine chiller for yourself for a while then you will agree with us on the fact the wide range of the wine chillers and the numerous brands associated with it make it a tough task to zero on one chiller that can act as an ideal product for you. However, instead of relying on the dealer’s recommendations, there is one more thing that can help you get the best quality built-in wine cooler for your bar. The thing that we are referring here is the knowledge of the product and knowing the difference between a good and a great wine chiller.

So, read further to know about the most essential and important things that must be kept in mind buying a new built-in wine chiller for your home. Go through them, and find a perfect wine chiller for yourself according to these points.

  • List of features

Make sure that you check for the list of features that you are getting and compare it with the price of the product. By doing this, you can easily look for the product with the most useful set of features and perfect value for money. By having a closer look at the features, you can be assured of choosing an ideal wine chiller for your home. So, whenever you are out for buying a built-in wine chiller, make sure to pay attention to the list of features while buying one for your home.

  • Usability

Another thing that you should consider while purchasing the built-in wine chiller is usability. Make sure that the wine cooler you are planning to buy is extremely easy to use and you can easily use all the features that the wine chiller has to offer. By choosing an easy to use and maintain wine chiller for your home, you can be sure of getting a great chiller that can help you throw a great party for your friends. So, if you love inviting your friends to home and enjoy a few glasses of wine at home, then you should buy a perfect built-in wine chiller for yourself.

  • Brand Name

Choosing a branded product with lots of positive reviews can be a great thing to do if you were looking for are liable and durable wine chiller with a great set of features. By choosing a branded product, you can be assured of getting the best-in-class warranty, service, and durability. Also, by choosing a branded product, you can be sure of getting best-in-class technology. So, if you were looking the efficiency, then instead of falling for cheaper and newer brands available in the market with lesser or bad reviews, we would recommend you to go with a good quality branded wine chillers.

  • Temperature range

Another brilliant thing that you should consider while choosing a wine chiller is the temperature range. As we the wine chillers operate at different temperature and that’s the reason why you should choose the one suits your needs the best. Also, if you were looking for more flexibility, you can buy the wine chiller with dual zone temperature control that not only enhances the overall usability of the chiller but also provides you better management while placing the wine bottles. So make sure to check the temperature range of the chiller before buying it for your home.

  • Efficiency

The last important thing that must be considered while buying wine chiller is efficiency. It is essential that you choose a wine chiller that not only keeps the wine bottles chilled forever but also uses the power efficiently. As the wine chillers are needed to be operated for a longer time, it is essential for you as a buyer that you choose the right wine chiller that efficiently uses the power and provides you the best value for money.

So these were the five points that can help you buy the best and the most suitable built-in wine cooler for your bar. So, make sure to consider them while buying a new chiller for your home.


In all, if you were looking for a space saver, efficient wine chiller for your bar that will enhance the usability and practicality of the bar, you should look forward to buying the built-in wine cooler for yourself. To find a perfect one, you can either choose one of the above-listed products or use the buyer’s guide to find a perfect built-in wine chiller for your bar. Just make sure that the chiller you are planning to buy is perfect for your bar and is in your budget.

Best Vinotemp Wine Cooler Reviews of 2019

Vinotemp Wine coolers are for those buyers who prefer quality to the price. Regardless of the product you are choosing, you can easily expect the best performance and value for money when you buy a Vinotemp Wine cooler for your home/bar. Apart from the impeccable quality, there are numerous other reasons why the Vinotemp Wine coolers are a better choice for the buyers.

In the article, we are going to cover all the reasons and points that have made the Vinotemp a great brand for the wine coolers. Also, we will let you know about the best models from the brand that you can buy this year. So stay tuned till the end, and you will know why the Vinotemp is a better choice.

Best Vinotemp Wine Coolers Review 2019

Once you are well aware of the reasons and benefits that you can avail by choosing the Vinotemp as your preferred wine cooler brand, now it is time to choose the best model from the company according to your preferences.

Below are the top five models that you can buy this year blindly if you were looking for a long-term and efficient wince chiller for your home. So, go through them, and find the one that suits your needs the most.

#1. Vinotemp 34-Bottle Touch Screen Wine Cooler

If you were looking for a reliable and great looking wine chiller with a great bottle holding capacity and compact design, the Vinotemp Wine Cooler would be a great buy. This amazingly designed wine cooler from Vinotemp needs no installation and comes as a freestanding unit that can be used just by taking it out of the delivery box. The Vinotemp Touch Screen Wine Cooler has a strong glass door that ensures the efficient cooling of the wine bottles. Moreover, the efficient temperature range of 39-65F, this is a perfect wine chiller for all your collection.

In all, the design and efficiency are the most important factors for you to choose the wine chiller, Vinotemp Touch Screen Wine Cooler would be a brilliant buy.

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#2. Vinotemp 33-Bottle Wine Cooler with Touch Screen Temperature Controls

If you are looking a for brilliantly designed compact and efficient wine cooler for your home, the Vinotemp 33-Bottle Wine Cooler would be an ideal buy for you. Apart from having a brilliantly laid out control panel to adjust the temperature, the digital display that shows all the new necessary details make this Vinotemp Wine Cooler a great buy.

Unlike the control panel in other wine coolers, it  has a useful security lock that enables the users to keep a reliable temperature setting to keep the wine bottles chilled as per the needs. The efficient temperature range of 40-72F makes it an ideal wine chiller for the wine lovers.

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#3. Vinotemp 36-Bottle Touch Screen Mirrored Wine and Beverage Cooler

For the buyers who have enough space in their bar, and can afford a high-wine chiller for their bar, the Vinotemp Touch Screen wine cooler would be a great choice. With the dual temperature zone, efficient cooling and brilliant design, the Vinotemp wine and beverage chiller has numerous features like easy to use touch screen control panel, durable glass doors.

Another brilliant thing that makes it a great buy for the wine lovers is the cooler comes as a freestanding unit, that means no installation is needed for using it. A cool blue-lit interior makes it look a premium product to be used in the bar.

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#4. Vinotemp VT-7BMSL-FE 7-Bottle Mirrored Refrigerator

Vinotemp VT-7BMSL-FE 7-Bottle Mirrored Refrigerator is a brilliant buy for the buyers who are looking for a wine chiller for their limited wine stock or don’t have enough space in their bar. The patented mirrored trim design makes it look a premium bar accessory to have. The cool blue interior lights provides the Vinotemp VT-7BMSL-FE  a great looks and make it an ideal buy for the buyers who are looking for a premium wine chiller for their bar. Apart from the unique looks, the highly-durable metal frame makes VT-7BMSL-FE a great buy.

So, if you were looking for a brilliant looking, sturdy and efficient wine cooler for your bar, then you should once consider this refrigerator for yourself. Believe us, you will love the performance and efficiency of the Vinotemp VT-7BMSL-FE wine chiller.

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#5. Vinotemp VNTIL-OW002 2-Bottle Open Wine Cooler

Vinotemp VNTIL-OW002 2-Bottle Open Wine Cooler is for those buyers who were looking to buy a wine cooler that can easily be used in the living room, or bedroom where they can enjoy chilled wine without moving to the bar repeatedly to pick the bottle. You can use two bottles in the chiller and the temperature range of 41-66F makes it a great buy for the wine lovers. Touch screen digital control panel makes it one of the easiest wine chiller in the range.

So, if you were looking for a reliable, easy to use, and brilliantly designed Vinotemp VNTIL-OW002 would be a great buy.

These were the five best wine chillers available in the market from Vinotemp. And although you can choose any of them if you are looking for the best one for your home, then you should choose a perfect one from the above-listed products according to needs, budget and bottle holding capacity.

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Vinotemp Wine coolers Features

Amongst the many other reasons, the feature-list is the most prominent reason why most buyers prefer buying the Vinotemp Wine coolers for them. So, here are the features that you can always find in a Vinotemp Wine cooler, regardless of the model that you are choosing for your home. Go through the list, and find why you should prefer the Vinotemp Wine coolers to the other brands available in the market.

  • Unmatched Build quality

The best thing about the Vinotemp wine coolers that you are going to love about is the build quality. With the best in class technical team, the officials at the Vinotemp know what a customer needs and how they can achieve it Almost all models from Vinotemp are re made up of high-grade stainless steel and are durable enough to be used for many years without any major maintenance issues.

  • Top of the range looks

Regardless of the model that you are planning to buy, you can easily find it best-in-class. Whether it is about the build quality or the looks you can find the Vinotemp coolers as the best. A great looking wine chiller is the dream of a wine lover, and almost every buyer demands the best looks from the product he is buying. All the Vinotemp wine coolers have the premium looks element that would be loved by almost every wine lover and those who love to buy the best looking products for their home.

  • Great and practical design

Apart from the great looks, another great thing about the Vinotemp Wine coolers is the efficient and practical design. Yes, you heard it right. The Vinotemp wine chillers are both practical and great looking. You can use them as an interior enhancer while keeping the wine bottles safe and chilled.

  • Extremely easy to install and use

The wine chillers from Vinotemp are best for those who haven’t purchased any wine cooler before or are willing to buy a wine chiller that is easy and install. By purchasing the Vinotemp Wine chillers, you can be sure of getting a chiller that is easy to install, store an use. So, you can be sure of getting the best usability by purchasing a suitable Vinotemp Wine Chiller for your home/personal bar.

  • Best after sales services

As a reliable brand, you can be assured of getting the best after sales services and warranty. Even though the chillers from Vinotemp are extremely reliable and have low maintenance, if you find any complaints regarding it, the company officials are ready to help you at their best. So, if you were after a wine chiller brand that has great customer care services and efficient after sales network, you can completely rely on the Vinotemp Wine Chillers.

These were the best features that you can find while purchasing a Vinotemp Wine Cooler for your bar. And as the list of features become more specific when you choose a model from the brand, you can find the brand a great choice to go with.


In all, if you were looking for a reliable and durable wine chiller for your bar that not only performs well but also is efficient and easy to use, then the Best Vinotemp wine coolers would be an ideal choice for you. So, choose the best wine chiller according to your needs and budget, and you won’t be disappointed by the performance of these chillers. So, start searching for the best deals on your preferred model from Vinotemp wine coolers and buy it right through before the stocks end.

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Best Haier Wine Cooler Reviews – Best Models Compared

Best Haier Wine Cooler Reviews 2019 : Haier is the leading manufacturer of electronic appliances with the upper hand in the refrigerator, wine cooler and such other products. The quality is the primary reason that makes this brand better as compared to the other ones. Features such as accurate temperature, genuine capacity and effective working are key things to expect from Haier.

For the first time buyer, this brand feels overwhelming due to the reputation that’s why you can rely on it over the other ones. During the purchase, you have to take plenty of decision. Freestanding and In-built are two different types that are totally based on the space factor. If you have a specific column for wine cooler in the kitchen then you can prefer in-built wine cooler otherwise you have the freestanding model to go for.

Best Haier Wine Cooler Reviews 2019

After that, you must choose space zone, removable racks and a few more. It becomes easier if you consider these factors and ensure that what you need exactly. Here, we are mentioning the top products which are highly reliable and we are comparing the top models of haier wine coolers so that you get the best in all kind.

#1. Haier 18 Bottle Wine Cellar

An affordable product with all the basic features seems like an easier choice that’s why we are listing Haier 18 Bottle Wine Cellar as our top pick. We checked all the features and tested them so that we can give a comprehensive review of this product.


  • Large Capacity – Capacity to store 24 bottles help you store a good amount of stock. It doesn’t matter how much bottles you want to store, even if they have unusual shapes, you can store them easily.
  • Single Zone Cooling – It doesn’t matter that you want to store red or white wine. The ability to store different wine make it versatile. Make sure that you put a single type of wine in this refrigerator.
  • Five Chrome Racks – You get full-width racks and there are total five of them to keep wine. The first rack can store ten bottles with ease. Even, you can place number of bottles for a better experience.
  • Adjustable Thermostats – In order to get all the benefits at one place, you have the accurate thermoelectric system which let you adjust the temperature for a different wine. The temperature range is 44 degree to 66 degrees.
  • Versatile Choice – You can also place champagne in this wine cooler and if you want to secure it then there is a small lock which doesn’t let anyone access your wine without having the key. So, you can feel secure about the wine you are keeping at home.
  • Stainless Steel Frame and handle – This wine cooler comes with the stainless-steel frame and the handles are made up of same stuff. There is a tempered glass that gives a clear view of inside.

Pros –

  • Easy to use touch capacitive buttons
  • 24 Bottles Capacity in single zone
  • Sturdy metal body for frame
  • Negligible vibrations
  • Adjustable Thermostats
  • Five Chrome Racks

Cons –

  • Consume significant energy
  • Not a compact choice in size
  • Single Zone Cooling option

Overall Thoughts

For the first time buyer, 24 bottles capacity may seem higher but if you will be keeping the such number of bottles then it is the best choice among all others.

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#2. Haier HVCE15BBH Built-In or Freestanding 26-Bottle Wine Cellar

To get a highly effective cooling and compressor mechanism, you can rely on this model. Great design is always the primary attention among everyone and you can find a sleek but impressive body to have on your countertop. It is also a freestanding wine cooler.

Features –

  • Hold 26 Bottles– Capacity of 26 bottles is not that high from our top pick but it can store all the bottles effectively. The ability to cool all the bottles entirely makes it the perfect choice that’s why you can rely on this product for sure.
  • Compressor Cooling – No doubt that compressor is used in the normal household refrigerator for food and such other stuff. For wine, this is a great type due to the faster cooling mechanism and you can expect accurate temperature.
  • Lower Vibration – Compressor based wine coolers have issues with their vibration rate which can affect the quality of the wine but this time, you don’t have to worry about a single thing at all. This wine cooler doesn’t vibrate that much and it is also the quite model.
  • Tinted Glass Door – As all the wine coolers have a glass to get insider view, this one is different. You get a tinted glass door which allows the insider view from a close range. As you turn on insider LEDs, you get a unique look and this wine cooler become elegant.
  • Five Storage Rack – The capacity of all the storage racks is the same. After the fifth rack, there is extra space to store bottles. You can place unusually shaped wine bottles in that part. After that, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the wine.

Pros –

  • Easily Store More than 26 bottles.
  • Place unusual sized wine as well as champagne.
  • Doesn’t make much noise which cooling.
  • Cool at a faster rate with the compressor.
  • Five easy to maintain storage racks.

Cons –

  • Apart from design, it is a heavyweight product and large size.
  • It can hold two extra bottles from our top pick but cost way high amount.

Overall Thought

The design may be the best thing about this haier wine cooler but you can find that the cost is significantly higher than the others. If you have a good budget then this one is a great product.

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#3. Haier – 16-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine Cellar

Are you willing to buy a dual zone wine cooler with normal storage? Well, this wine cooler is surely the best choice for sure. Haier 16-Bottle Dual Zone wine cellar comes with a curved shape and two different zones to store red and white wine at the same time.

Features –

  • Dual Zone Cooling– Both the spaces in this wine cooler are easy to adjust and you get two different LED displays to set the temperature. For the enthusiast wine lovers, this product seems like a great choice to fit in your budget to fulfill the need.
  • Thermoelectric – Having a thermometric wine cooler is great to lower the power consumption and to cool down wine at a quicker rate. Due to this particular reason, you can find it as an effective choice among all other for the dual zone.
  • Sturdy Design – As it is a freestanding wine cooler, so you want it lightweight but this one is little heavy in the base. You get better functionality with this wine cooler and you can expect way more stuff from this particular thing.
  • Storage – There are two different spaces, top part store eight bottles and the same goes for the bottom part. You can place the bottles and have the same temperature for both or you can change it as per the need.
  • Interior LED Light – Apart from the normal display in front, you can find an interior LED display which will shine all the insider things such as wine bottle and all. Even, this light can be turned off or on as per the need.

Pros –

  • The thermoelectric system provide lower vibration.
  • Storage capacity if 16 bottles which is great for sure.
  • Two different zones to store wine of a different kind.
  • Interior LED lights to get insider view from far away.
  • Curved design makes it look premium in all kind.
  • This product comes at a really affordable price.

Cons –

  • Energy consumption is a bit high due to two different cooling.
  • Maintenance cost is comparatively extra from other models.

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Overall Thought

If you really want dual zone cooling system then there is no doubt that you can’t find any other option than this product.

#4. Haier 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

A wine cooler with an extra-large capacity which is suitable for parties also is Haier HVZ040ABH5S 40 Bottle Wine Cooler. You can easily store forty bottles and there is no issue with the tall bottles also. Storing unusually shaped bottles may seem typical in the beginning but you can easily adjust after few seconds.


  • Extra Large Capacity – Storage space matters to people who want to collect wine for a long time. So, this wine cooler comes with the extra-large storage which allows you to fit forty bottles with ease and you can also place tall bottles in the same.
  • Curved Glass Door – There is tempered curved glass door with a transparent view to look inside. Enough to get a clear view is the best thing about this haier 12 bottle wine cooler and it can get as low as you want it to be. Even, the glass of wine cooler won’t get foggy.
  • Full-Length Brush Metal Handle – Metal handle and door comes with a silver finish. This thing enhances the design and makes this wine cooler premium in design so you can easily fit many bottles in it.
  • Dual Function LED – A Small LED let you know the right temperature and the accuracy is high for all the bottles. You can use a third-party thermometer to check whether the wine cooler is cooling at accurate temperature or not.


  • Curved Glass Door with Interior LED
  • Adjustable Dual Electronic Flexi Zone
  • Comes with an automatic setting for red and white wine
  • Dual Zone Cooling System

Cons –

  • Comes at an expensive price point
  • Consume a bit of extra energy for the same purpose.

Overall Thought

After checking all the features and using this product, we loved everything but the fact is, this product is for wine collectors who have a keen interest in a large collection.

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These are four of the best wine cooler options from Haier that are reliable, easily available and you can expect what you spent. Make sure that you consider the need then hop on this guide to buy the right product. Even, you should look after the large storage and dual-zone wine cooling for the better choice. A wine cooler is single time investment and having such products can help in various manners. Hope, this post of best Haier wine cooler will let you grab the best deal with ease.

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Best EdgeStar Wine Cooler Reviews 2019 : Our top 5 Picks

EdgeStar Wine Cooler Reviews 2019 : If you are a wine lover, then you know that you need the right sized wine cooler in order to be able to store those bottles of wine. It goes without saying that you need to do your research before you opt for the right cooler, for wine coolers come in various shapes and sizes.  If you are operating a large restaurant, then you definitely need to go in for those large wine coolers that come with the added functionality that enables you to store the whites and the reds separately. It is important that you store your wine at the right temperature and humidity so as to enhance its flavour and in the process, throw a great party.

There are several wine coolers that you can go for, from compact, tiny ones which do not store more than 5 bottles at a time to the really large ones, which you can use to store your entire collection. But of the lot, Edgestar wine cooler manages to stand out for the right reasons and unlike most, it also happens to be in the affordable range, which makes this wine cooler, the budget wine aficionado’s choice. Check out the detailed EdgeStar wine cooler review, posted below.

Best EdgeStar Wine Cooler Reviews 2019

#1. EdgeStar 34 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This best wine cooler happens to be a dual zone wine cooler which should make it possible for you to store your gourmet wines at different temperatures. You may want to stock up on Chardonnay as well as Rose wines, which is why opting for a dual zone wine cooler makes more sense.  What makes this wine cooler stand out is the fact that it retains the elegance of edge star wine coolers and comes with that elegant trim, along with trimmed wooden racks for storing the wine.

These wooden racks slide out and you can secure the bottles in these racks before sliding them back in. This best EdgeStar wine cooler makes it possible for you to appreciate your wine, by glancing at the cooler with its see-through exterior. Incidentally, it comes with LED lighting on the interior which you can turn on or off, as per preference. The point is that you do not have to open the door each time you want to check out a wine.  And with being able to set the preferred temperature in the two zones, you should be able to set the optimal temperature for your red wines (54 to 64F) and white wines (41 to 54F) and store them safely and securely.

[rehub_affbtn btn_text=”Check latest Price on Amazon” btn_url=”https://amzn.to/328wzjs”]


  • It features a touch control LED display unit with which you can adjust the temperatures of both the zones
  • During a power cut, the wine cooler powers up again, on its own
  • The bottles can also be stored on their side profile in the cooler so you can always chill a bottle after opening the same


  • This cooler is more suited to displaying some brands like Riesling than others, to perfection
  • The cooler comes with non-adjustable shelves which brings down the total bottles that you can store to 28


This is a good wine cooler, one mainly designed for residential use. It features dual zone and comes with LED lighting as well.  As a chiller, it certainly stands out for the right reasons.

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#2. 36 Bottle EdgeStar Built-In Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator

This wine refrigerator comes with a unique, French door profile that helps to make it stand out. It certainly comes with an innovative design and one that features tastefully done metal trim with the requisite shelves for storing your wine safely and securely. What makes this fridge stand out is that both of its doors is outfitted with a sturdy lock and it currently features dual temperature zone for storing both your whites and reds. Incidentally, the 10 wooden shelves all come with a metal trim which makes them all the more interesting.  It comes with an LED panel with touch screen functionality that you can use to control the temperatures in both the zones and even customize the same.

[rehub_affbtn btn_text=”Check latest Price on Amazon” btn_url=”https://amzn.to/2q95lvQ”]


  • It comes with a carbon filter that protects the wine from UV rays
  • Extremely easy to install,
  • It certainly looks elegant with the metal trim finish
  • It currently features a temperature range between 40 and 65F, at which you can store both your red and white wine safely


  • It creates some noise as it operates
  • The interior light inside the fridge is not all that great, it definitely needs to be improved
  • When pulling out the shelves, they pull out for 4 inches only which can be irritating.


this is a good refrigerator which features dual zone control which you can use to store both your red and white wines safely. It is able to store your wine at the required temperature, without any hassle.

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#3. EdgeStar Built-In 30 Bottle Wine Cooler

This wine cooler is more of a scaled-down version of the 34 bottle cooler that was reviewed earlier on. It certainly looks elegant but could have looked better in black, rather than metal trim.  It comes with 6 full wood trimmed slide-out wooden shelves, as well as one small wood trimmed wire shelf and the cooler, can easily store up to thirty wine bottles. While the overall design with the transparent door and the metal trim does add a certain amount of elegance to the cooler, it also comes with some advanced functionality as well. It comes with the requisite digital panel with touch screen functionality as well as the ability to preset temperatures.  Moreover, the double paned glass door coupled with the fact that the cooler comes with interior lighting allows you to check the contents of the cooler, without having to open it each time.

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Check out some of the pros and cons of this product,


  • This cooler comes with adjustable shelves, which means that you can store bigger bottles of wine by removing some of the shelves
  • It comes with built-in carbon filter which should help protect the wines from fumes as well as odours
  • It comes with intuitive features such as auto defrost
  • It comes with intuitively designed touch controls

Cons –

  • It does not come all “built” and you would be required to do some pre-installation work
  • Unlike some of the other coolers, this cooler features only one temperature


This cooler comes with some advanced functionality but on the downside, it features a single temperature only. In other words, you will need to store both your reds and whites at the same temperature. This cooler is highly compatible with your current surroundings and should fit right in. The cooler is indeed a worthwhile buy.

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#4. EdgeStar 110 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This best Built in cooler cooler has been designed with wine experts and wine connoisseurs in mind, for it can easily store up to 110 standard bottles of wine. This cooler is slightly larger than the others and stands tall at 54”. It comes with a beautiful metal trim along with transparent glass doors ensconcing several metal shelves on which you can store your wine safely. It comes with a dual zone as well as a large LED display panel with touch screen functionality with which you can tweak the temperatures of both the zones. You can now use the dual zone function to store your red wines and white wines at optimal temperatures without a hassle. What’s interesting is that even though this cooler is large, it hardly makes a noise which is an advantage over most of the other wine coolers in the market.

[rehub_affbtn btn_text=”Check latest Price on Amazon” btn_url=”https://amzn.to/34pSCUq”]


  • The design is outstanding; it is aesthetically pleasing and is designed in such a way so as to absorb any noise and vibration. In a sense, this is a quiet cooler, in every sense of the term.
  • It features dual temperature zones, for storing your whites and reds
  • It effectively prevents the odours from leaking into the cooler and affecting your wines

Cons –

  • There is not much space between the shelves and as a result, they often get scratched
  • The shelves are a little hard to pull out as they are standard pull out shelves, they need to have ball bearings in them so that they can be pulled out easily


This cooler was, as mentioned earlier, created mainly for the wine aficionados out there. It comes with a lot of built-in functionality and should enable you to store both your red and white wines safely. Even though the space between shelves is not much, it still stands out for the simple reason that you can use it to store 110 bottles of wine, safely and securely.

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Best Edge Star Wine Cooler 2019 : Buying Guide

Let’s take a closer look at edge star wine cooler, shall we?

  • Design: The overall design is meant to be functional but it does come with a classic design with see-through tinted glass. Depending on the model that you are going for, you can safely store the same in one corner of your kitchen and even use the top of the cooler as part of your countertop.
  • Capacity: As mentioned earlier, wine coolers come in various sizes and shapes and for the matter, so do wine bottles. You got the tiny, pint-sized wine bottles; pocket-sized ones, normal sized bottles and the really large ones. But for the rest of the review, we would deal only with standard sized bottles. A wine cooler can range from anything like a 5 bottle cooler to 100 bottles and even 200 bottles. The same applies to Edge star; it ranges from 18 bottle coolers, coolers which can hold a maximum of 46 bottles to those really big ones which you can use to store over 200 wine bottles. Edge star has the perfectly sized wine cooler for wine connoisseurs of all budget types. It all boils down to how experienced a wine drinker you are and how many bottles you would need to store at hand?
  • Cooling mechanism: The one advantage that Edge star wine cooler has over a few others is that unlike others, its cooling system is compressor based. That means that it can regulate both cold and heat more effectively and steadily maintain the temperature at the preferred level with ease.
  • Single vs Dual-zone cooling: The good news is that Edge star offers both with the low end, budget coolers only offering single zone cooling. One of the reasons that Edge star offers dual zone cooling is on account of the fact that some experts think it is advisable to store red wines at different temperatures and humidity setting when compared to the white wines. So make sure that you double check to see if your preferred wine cooler comes with single or dual zone cooling.
  • Tinted glass: Depending on the model you go for, you can easily store this wine cooler at some cool and dry corner of your residence. But it is important to store it out of direct sunlight since UV radiation can directly impact the quality of your wine. And to that end, it also comes with tinted glasses which are much more effective in keeping out the UV radiation.
  • Interior lighting: The edge star cooler comes with soft interior lighting and coupled with the see-through and tinted glass, you should be able to see on the inside of the wine cooler at all times without having to open the door each time around.
  • Durability: Thanks to the factor that the Edge star comes with a compressor, you can expect more durability with this particular wine cooler. It should last for a long while.
  • Noise pollution, weight: The good news is that Edge star ranks quite low when it comes to noise pollution. It does not make any sound and is quite efficient in storing the wine you need, safely. It is also lightweight thereby making it extremely easy for you to carry it from one room to the other.

These are some of the features of this particular wine cooler; you can adjust the settings and depending on whether you have chosen to go for single or dual temperature zones, you can customize the settings and store your red and white wines separately. You also need to ensure that the wine cooler is well maintained regularly. You can clean the same with a moist cloth and ensure that the cooler is odour free. Other odours can impact your wine, which is why it is essential for you to ensure that your cooler remains free of the same. It goes without saying, that you should not use your wine coolers for storing other substances as that can impact the very functionality of the cooler itself.


Edge star ranks as one of the best when it comes to wine coolers. It does come with a few disadvantages such as that it is not that powerful as a few other wine coolers in the market and it may not function seamlessly in ambient warm temperature. That being said, it definitely provides you with more choices than most other wine coolers. Furthermore, it is decently priced, which is why you may want to opt for this edgestar wine cooler, given its functionality. Remember to take the red wine out and let it come to room temperature before you start serving the same. You can always serve your white wine, directly from your wine cooler, where it has been chilled to perfection.

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Vinotemp VT 18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Vinotemp Wine Cooler Review (VT 18TSBM 18 Bottle)

These days, a lot of home appliances are available that can give some sort of comfort and easiness to the homeowners. Whether you talk about the daily use of home appliances or some other, the selection for buying procedure is very critical.

A Wine cooler can become the best device or appliance that you have used for storing your valuable wine bottles. Many people want to purchase a specialized wine cooler to keep the wine bottle fresh and freezing at every constant temperature.

It can become very difficult for you to choose any particular wine cooler unless you check out some reviews about the top branded wine coolers.

If you are looking for a high-quality wine cooler that can give you are exceptional features in terms of wine coolers, then we can recommend a very special wine cooler to you.

Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler becoming a very popular and reliable alternative for the people who want to purchase a long lasting wine cooler.

The capacity of storing 15 wine bottles really makes be mentioned wine cooler exceptionally purchasable. The control panel lock and adjustable feet like features are accessible in the Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler.

Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Vinotemp Wine Cooler

Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler is a special touch screen wine cooler that always gives an extra bit of functions to the users.

With digital temperature display, Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler makes it easy for the users to adjust a suitable temperature for their stored wine bottles. The adjustable feet for leveling are truly magnificent for the users. Hence, Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler is really a great choice.

Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler will not only help you to access some chill wine bottles but also it will definitely beautify your interiors.

Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler is really budget-friendly option for people like you who want to buy budget-friendly wine coolers. Hence, get ready to check some brief information about Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler.

Let us now check out more details about the Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

After a discussion about the basics of wine cooler like Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler now, you would be looking to check the complete information about the same coolers. This is important for you to check brief details about Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler:


Vinotemp Wine Cooler

Let’s start the discussion about the design of Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler. With the temperature range 39 degrees to -65 degree F this cooler really offers a great advantage.

The slim and smart design of this wine cooler is amazing to decor your interiors. Of course, this wine cooler can beautify the interior of your home. The design of this mentioned wine cooler is very sleek.

The overall design of Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler is truly magnificent to watch and use. For the purpose of a compact and stylish wine cooler, Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler is truly an amazing alternative.

The sleek design makes Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler totally magnificent to watch.

The internal part of Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler is also amazing to watch. Conclusively, you can undoubtedly say that Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler is a perfect choice for the users.

Being a user, you always want to purchase an item which not only looks attractive but matches your budget of buying. Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler is truly an amazing alternative for the wine storing lovers.


Vinotemp Water Cooler Review

Whenever you want to judge some items like wine coolers, it is important for you to check out some of the features. As different brands provide diverse features, Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler also offers some amazing features about which you will discuss in the paragraphs. Let’s start with the easy to use control panel. This is the biggest feature that you can get in a wine cooler.

Digital temperature display screen like feature always makes it easy for the user to check what the temperature inside the wine cooler is. It will become easy for you to check what the temperature is and change the temperature according to your preferences.

This wine cooler comes with a glass door with magnetic seal and recessed handle. It simply means that you can make most out of the wine glass door with magnetic seal.

This is just another incredible advantage that can make you agree to give preference to this mentioned wine cooler instead of others. Wire racking is one more special feature in the mentioned wine cooler.

The control panel safety lock and adjustable feet for leveling like features are accessible for the user of the mentioned wine cooler. To illuminate the bottles inside the wine cooler, you get dazzling light. The varietal indicator is also available in the mentioned wine cooler.


despite feature, design and other things, this is mentioned wine cooler gives you a little bit must safety alternatives. In short, you can say that it is really a very brilliant piece of a wine cooler that gives an amazing response to the user after buying.


It is very much important for you to check out the actual dimensions of the mentioned wine cooler. This wine coolers dimensions are 16.93” W * 18.9 D * 20.08”H.

Pros and cons:

After discussing the design, features, size, and add-ons now, this is a perfect time for you to become much more familiar with the pros and cons of buying Vinotemp VT-18TSBM 18 Bottle Wine Cooler.


On the basis of the information you have collected about the mentioned cooler, it will definitely become easy and straightforward for you to make a decision of buying. Either you will buy the mentioned wine cooler directly or you will love to compare some of the features.

Hopefully, you have understood the most important information about the mentioned wine cooler. Now from here, you can make a good buying decision of a wine cooler in a very short amount of time.

Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

From the point of view of the people, who love to drink and store wines, the importance of having a wine cooler could not be described in the words. Today even there are thousands of wine cooler manufacturers who want to provide a better quality of wine coolers to their users.

It can become very difficult for you to purchase a reliable and durable wine cooler. In the same situation, you will search around some popular online platforms just to collect some information about the best wine coolers.

You should check some helpful information about the top wine coolers before buying any particular one.

One should always try to purchase a wine cooler which can not only look attractive but also give amazing features.

Budget can be a serious consideration for the people who want to purchase a wine cooler. The selection procedure is also very critical for a buyer who just has to purchase a wine cooler for the very first time in life. Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler can become a very wonderful alternative for you.

Whether you talk about the affordable price of the mentioned wine cooler for the features, you will find that it is a Perfect Combination of quality and cost-effective price.

If you are feeling frustrated because you are unable to find a dependable wine cooler then you should check brief information about this wine cooler. It does not matter what you think about the price of wine cooler but it is important for you to who stay confident about the feature that you are going to get.

Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Wine Cooler

As mentioned earlier, this can give advantages to its uses without any kind of doubt. Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler gives you amazing response and you can make the most out of your investment of buying this exceptional wine cooler.

If you usually face problems to store your wine bottle then this wine cooler can become your first preference. When is because home facing the same problem have purchased the mentioned wine cooler had got rid of the problems immediately.

The reflective-smoked glass door is one of the most brilliant features you are going to get in this Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler.

The increased convenience to control the temperature will also help the user to keep the wine bottles chill. This is yet another incredible advantage of buying the mentioned wine cooler without any kind of doubt or second thought. This wine cooler can hold 12 bottles of wine and keep them chill.

You can stock up your wine cooler with the mentioned wine bottle cooler and also you can set the temperature according to your preferences.

The designer styling of Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler indirectly enhances counter areas and this entire thing is truly beneficial for the users.

Let us now check out more details about the Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler


After discussing a lot more about the basics of Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler now, this is the perfect time for you to become much more familiar with the design of this wine cooler. With the Temperature Range of 50-66°F, you can get amazing control over this wine cooler.


Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler gives you wood front shelves which are really a great feature to have in your wine coolers. In order to make the countertop convenience, this Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler gives you wine protection meets. Hence, this can also be counted as an amazing feature that you will get.

The exterior digital display of Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler is touchscreen so you can use it however you want. This can become a key feature for the users who want to control the temperature of their wine coolers by their fingertips. The 12 wine bottle holding capacity makes Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler amazing for users like you.

The updated and virtually silent cooling technology of Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler makes it much more reliable and wonderful than some other similar available wine coolers. It simply means that your stored wine bottles will stay chill or freezing without making any kind of noise.

Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler is a thermo-efficient and CFC free wine cooler. Hence, you are getting a world-class technology in your wine cooler at a very affordable buying price. One should never try to use the Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler in an enclosed area. This is a small precaution that can offer better outcomes to all of the users.


Despite the mentioned features, you also get three wood-front  shelves as well as freestanding like feature. Therefore, you can make the most out of your investment by choosing this Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler.


The dimensions of Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler are as 15- 1/4″H X 15-3/4″W X 19- 3/4″D. Many users have found it easy to use the Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler and place Enthusiast 12 Bottle Wine Cooler according to their storage convenience.


After discussing a lot more about the various aspects of the mentioned wine cooler, it will definitely become straight forward for you to make a purchasing decision.

Perhaps, you would love to purchase the suggested wine cooler as it over amazing features at a very affordable purchasing price.

For confirming that you have chosen a very dependable wine cooler, you can compare the features of the same wine cooler with some other available coolers. The simple idea can also hold your back to determine whether you have selected is very dependable piece of wine cooler or not.

Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

single zone wine cooler

In the past years, a wine cooler was considered to be a costly item for storing wine and juice. People were not ready to make use of wine coolers as they are costly at that time.

On the other hand, today it is damn possible to purchase a high-functioning wine cooler at a lower buying rate. For the purpose of storing wines and keeping them chill, the wine coolers could be the most efficient appliance.

The procedure of choosing and purchasing a wine cooler is not that much easy as you have to concern a lot of things.

Newair Wine Cooler Review

In order to keep the wines chill and at your fingertips now, the idea of buying a wine cooler is not only wonderful but also so much productive.

In some places, the wine coolers are also known as the wine refrigerators as you can set a temperature of your own preference to keep the chill of the wine.

A small mistake committed during the selection or buying procedure of a wine cooler can cause you more and more problems. Hence, you will have to stay aware of some of the top-most wine coolers.

For the first time wine cooler buyers, it is obviously challenging to find a suitable and cost-effective wine cooler due to lack of knowledge regarding the wine coolers.

These days, a number of companies are manufacturing wine coolers with some excellent features. If you are getting messed up with the selection procedure of a wine cooler then we can suggest a highly productive wine cooler to you.

With the capacity of holding 8 wine bottles and some other special features, Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler can be the best wine cooler for you that you have ever used.

The 6 pull-out chrome racks of Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler make it easy for the users to access the wine bottles in a very short time without dealing with problems.

Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

At the present moment, Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler is really a perfect home accessory which is highly acknowledged by many wine lovers and collectors.

As mentioned earlier, Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler provides pull-out racks for giving a bit much convenience to the users to access the wine bottles whenever they want.

You also get a thermoelectric cooling system in Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler which is enough to preserve your wine bottles in better conditions. One can store 28 wine bottles in the Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler which is really a great benefit.

The given information is not enough about the mentioned wine cooler and that’s why you should check out complete information about the Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler. Let us now check out more details about the Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler


Water Cooler Review

The slim design makes the Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler much more wonderful. You can blend the Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler into any décor due to its slim design and highly attractive looks. In addition, the black case of the Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler is made up with sleek stainless steel features.

Seriously, the double-paned door of Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler effortlessly insulates the interior items. This is yet another special thing about the design of Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler.

The cool interior lighting is yet another smart feature of Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler that perhaps you don’t get in some other similar wine coolers. In fact, you get electronic touchpad control and digital display.

The best part about the design of Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler is that it offers expediency to the users when they want to open Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler and access the wine bottles. Hence, you can say that Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler looks totally appealing and attractive without any kind of doubt.


After checking out some brief information about the design of Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler now, you would surely love to check out some of the exciting features of Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler. Starting with the 6 pull-out chrome racks, the users will never face inconvenient to access the wine bottles.

Water Cooler Review

Conversely, for insulating the interiors inside the Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler get insulated due to the double-paned door of Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler. This is really a great advantage for the users.

The digital display system has been among the key features that you are going to get in the Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler. According to some existing users, this Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler is ideally perfect to store red and white wines. Seriously, you get a push button control which is yet another remarkable feature you are going to get in the Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler.

Storage capacity has been always a considerable fact for the people who want to purchase and use wine coolers. In the case of Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler, you get better storage capacity as Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler stores 28 wine bottles. In addition, there are some special features for maintaining temperature.

The compressor-free cooling is ideally perfect for a wine cooler to be operated with less vibration and noise. Without excess vibration, you can make the most use of the Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler.


The digital display panel is really an add-on feature of this specialized wine cooler. In order to read and adjust the temperature in your Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler, you can use the digital display panel.


The dimensions of Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler are as 18.1*20.9* 29.2 inches.


If you are looking for a productive wine cooler which is budget-friendly then Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler could become your first choice without any doubt. Similarly, the people who are seeking out for a wine cooler which can accommodate a large number of wine bottles then you can think about the Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler. The thermoelectric cooling system makes it a suitable and perfect choice.