Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review


It is always preferable to store your wine in the cellar but then again, not most residences come with humidity and temperature controlled cellar. And as a wine connoisseur, you are better off opting for a wine cooler, one that can safely and securely store all your wine bottles and with easy access to the same. The fact is that there are so many types of wine coolers to choose from; the budget ones which you really cannot use to store wine for longer than a few days at most to small sized and temperature controlled wine coolers to really large ones. It all comes down to what type of wine cooler you are looking for and how serious you are about the same.

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Allavino wine cooler review

If you happen to love your gourmet wines, then you would definitely need to check out Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN Dual Zone Wine Cooler. This wine cooler is perfect for so many reasons, starting with its size. So let’s take a closer look at the same, shall we?

Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN Review

  • Design:

allavino wine cooler review

The wine cooler comes with flawless design, with black and stainless steel trim that help to make it stand out, for the right reasons. The minimalistic look certainly enhances its look and it does not come with double doors as most wine coolers do. Rather it comes with a single door and that’s important for a single door means that the wine cooler can control temperatures more effectively than others. It also comes with 5 shelves on which you can store your wine. And each shelf can easily store about 9 to 11 bottles per shelf, to a total of 55 wine bottles in all. This is one wine cooler that has been designed for maximum efficiency and you should be able to store your bottles at the right temperature and humidity. Incidentally, this wine cooler comes with innovative metal shelves, which are designed in such a way that you can draw out the shelf, restock it with ease before pushing the shelf back in.

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  • Size:

This Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN wine cooler is roughly the size of two kitchen cabinets placed side by side, it is about 24 inches, of seamless technology, with the sole purpose of storing your bottles at the right temperature. It is certainly compact enough so much so, that you should be able to store the wine cooler in any part of your residence with ease.

  • Temperature:

allavino wine cooler review

What makes this wine cooler special is that it is a dual zone wine cooler and allows you to store your white and red wines at separate temperatures and humidity setting. While you can also store all your bottles at the same temperature as well, using different temperature settings for your red and white wine should enable you to store both at optimal temperatures and to serve the same quickly to guests.

  • Preprogrammed settings:

Yet another reason that you may want to go for this wine cooler is the fact that it comes pre-programmed. It comes with a touch panel setting with which you can adjust the dual zone temperature and humidity settings. You can even use the same to turn the interior lights on and off, the choice is yours. But the point is that the touch panel provides you with that extra bit of functionality that you were looking for. It also comes with an LCD display that displays the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and to switch between the two, without any hassle.

  • UV protection:

The Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN wine cooler also comes with a tinted glass exterior that provides your wine cooler with the required protection from UV radiation. It goes without saying that you need to store your wine cooler in a cool and dry place and one that is not exposed directly to sunlight. By doing so you can be sure that your wine stays perfect and does not go bad due to any temperature variation.

  • Storage:

As mentioned earlier, you can use this wine cooler to easily store up to 56 bottles at a time, depending on your use. Additionally, the bottom metal shelf comes with some depth. So you should be able to use the same to store two layers of bottles instead of one and store more than 56 standard wine bottles in your wine cooler.

  • Different sizes:

This wine cooler also comes in other sizes, which can range from 30 bottles to 156 bottles. Naturally, you cannot expect the wine cooler to retain its same compact size nor can you expect the really large ones to fit under your countertop. That’s why you need to decide on the size and see the preferred wine cooler meets your current requirements.

  • Additional features:

The Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN wine cooler also comes with a few additional features such as slats to allow for better circulation so that the wine bottles are maintained uniformly as per setting. The metal shelves also come with moulded wooden pieces to the front and back of the shelves and this is done mostly to secure the wine bottles in place and to prevent them from rolling around.

These are some of the main aspects of this Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN wine cooler; it certainly comes with an affordable price tag, one that you can easily afford. It is certainly effective when it comes to storing your bottles at the right temperature and humidity.


This wine cooler seems to be as good as it gets, if not more. The dual zone temperature control certainly provides this cooler with added functionality. It goes without saying that you need to use your wine cooler only for storing your wines and not other food as that can cause the odours to affect the rest of your wine in the cooler. So check out this wine cooler review, the price, the size and review its functionality as well. Once you have determined that this wine cooler is the one that you need, you can go ahead and purchase the same.

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