Wine Enthusiast Silent 32 BTL Bottle Electric Wine Chiller Review

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If you are a wine enthusiast, then you should know that it is important to pair the right wine with the right food, especially when you are throwing a party. Wine comes with different tastes, that ranges from sweet, acidic to bitter with red wines trending towards ‘slightly bitter’, depending on its tannin. There are several types of food and you need to make sure that you pair the right wine with the right food, as you serve them. Whether you pair your fish with Pinot noir or dry Riesling, the fact remains that you need to ensure that the wine you serve had been stored at the right temperature and humidity, for otherwise, the wine would ‘turn’. This is why it is a good idea to go in for a wine chiller or a cooler, one that can store your wine for you at the right temperature and humidity.

Wine Enthusiast cooler review

You can check out the 32 Bottle Electric Wine Chiller, as it comes with more than a few advantages over other wine chillers/ coolers in the sense that you can use the same to store over 32 standard bottles in the same. So, let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?

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Wine Enthusiast 32 Bottle Electric Wine Chiller Review

  • Design:

The wine chiller comes with a minimalistic look, and certainly stands out, decked out in back from top to bottom. The sleek design with stainless steel door trim certainly makes it stand out. It is certainly compact and has been designed to be energy efficient. It comes stocked with several shelves on which you can store around 32 bottles, with ease. These are standard bottles so if you are using larger sized wine bottles, then you may be able to store only around 15-20 depending on the size of the bottles. It is important that you store your wine bottles at the right temperature or your wine is going to lose its flavour and may even ‘turn’. To that end, this chiller was designed in such a way so as to prevent any external leaks and to maintain a constant temperature setting for all the wines stored in it.

  • Power:

This wine chiller is electric and you need to ensure regular power supply to the same, for obvious reasons. That being said it is also thermoelectric and designed for energy efficiency. It certainly should not ramp up those utility bills and for the record, it does not use a compressor and certainly does not endanger the ozone layer with CFC s or HCFCs. It is as eco-friendly as a wine chiller can get and more.

  • Great circulation:

One of the neat things about this wine cooler is that it comes with built-in metal shelves that slide out. This makes it easier to stock them and to slide them back in. It also comes with several built-in fans, as well as vents which help to circulate the cold air in the chiller. By doing so, the wine chiller should be able to store the wine at optimal temperatures and the desired humidity levels as well.

  • Temperature:

this wine chiller comes with a single temperature and humidity setting in which you can store both your reds and whites. The chiller has a temperature range between 44 F and 56F. You can tweak this setting and set it at the preferred level with ease. You can use the digital, touch screen panel to tweak the setting, with ease and to customize the same. What’s remarkable is the ease of use, this chiller comes with.

  • Durability:

This wine chiller comes with some great durability and should definitely last for a long time. It is also surprisingly lightweight so you can move the chiller with ease, and store it at another area of your house.

  • Visibility:

This chiller comes with a double-layered glass exterior which enables you to check inside the cooler without even the need of opening it each and every time. It also comes with an LED interior light with which you can check the contents of your chiller and again, without opening it.

  • Dimensions:

It also comes with the following dimensions – 16.2″W X 21″D X 31.7″H. As mentioned earlier, it is compact and therefore you can store it under the countertop in your kitchen.

  • Cost:

It is reasonably priced, despite all the functionality that it comes with. You do not need extra accessories to operate this chiller, just connect it to a power outlet and turn it on. Do remember to check online before purchasing a wine chiller, as some of the companies do offer the same at even lesser rates.

These are some of the main aspects of this wine chiller. It should also be pointed out that there are various other chillers out there, but none as effective as this one when it comes to storing your wine bottles.


This best electric wine chiller happens to be one of the best. It is quite effective in ensuring that the temperature inside the chiller remains at the preferred level. It also comes with zero external leakage and one that also happens to be energy efficient. If you have just bought some bottles of wine, then this is the chiller that you need to take a second look at. To all intents and purposes, this wine chiller will enable you to store your wine safely and securely.

So, when you are pairing wine with some fine food, it is important that you serve the wine at the right temperature. If you have un-corked a red wine bottle, then you have to let it sit out for some time so that it gets back to room temperature. Once the red wine gets up to normal room temperature, you can then serve the same to your guests. And when it comes to white wine, you would not have to wait for the wine to get to room temperature. And by storing it at optimal temperatures, you should be able to enhance the flavour profile of the wine.

Wine Enthusiast Silent 32 BTL Bottle Electric Wine Chiller

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Energy Saving




Premium Looks



  • DUAL ZONE WINE FRIDGE - Freestanding refrigerator, holds 32 Bordeaux bottles, provides two temperature levels for perfect storing conditions for both reds and whites, 16 bottles on each level.
  • DIGITAL TOUCH SCREEN - Top zone adjustable temperature range of 54-66 degrees F provides ideal storing conditions for reds while the bottom zones adjustable temperature range of 46-66 degrees F provides optimum serving conditions for most whites
  • SILENT AND ENERGY EFFICIENT - The Thermoelectric refrigerator is energy-efficient and CFC-free, providing virtually silent cooling technology and reflective smoked glass and Thermopane doors to perfectly protect the taste of your wines
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE - Convenient temperature control with an exterior digital touchscreen, 7 pull-out chrome shelves to increase space flexibility for non-standard bottle sizes
  • ELEGANT DESIGN - Black metal with stainless steel rim, featuring interior LED lighting, freestanding - measures 33-1/2"H x 15-3/4"W x 20 1/4"D - DUE TO STATE REGULATIONS - DOES NOT SHIP TO CALIFORNIA


  • No Noticeable Cons

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